Copyright of Images & Logos

It is important that any images or photos that you send to use do not infringe any third party rights (especially to the creator of the image, a personality or trademark, copyright laws or other legal provisions).

You must possess the full rights to a design in order to use a design (photo, logo, text etc) before you upload to our site or email it to us to use on your photo gift.

When in doubt, it is always best to check with the legal status or ask the owner for permission to use the design or image.

What happens to designs which violate a legal provision ?

You should be aware that our Terms of Business, which you will have approved expressly by placing an order with our company, protect us against any infringement that may happen when we use an image or design that you send to use to use on any of our products and all liability for any infringement would fall to you. Infringements can be very costly so it is always best to be cautious when sending us any images that may cross the line of the law.

We will do our best to tell you if we spot a questionable image though as we process many orders, often we may not be able to tell you before we manufacture the product with your print. We also will not tolerate defaming or questionable content that we feel may be an infringement and may well refund your order if we choose not to create your products.

All responsibility legally will however fall to you. If we are approached by a rights owner that questions any infringement, we may refer them directly to you based on your order contact information as appropriate in order that they may take up the matter with you directly. Please do not send us images to use where you have no express permission to use the image. Examples would be famous logos or trademarks, photo’s taken from web sites of famous people or offensive images or such that may infer illegality.

Legal rights to designs If you own the image or design, you retain the same rights.

By sending us or uploading the design or image, you are expressly authorising us to us the same for the purposes of creating your product. If we would like to use your design to feature it as a product to showcase to others on our site, we would always approach you first for express permission.

Thank you for your understanding.