Luggage Security Gift Sets



What a relief it would be to start thinking about holidays when the weather is so cold (here in the UK) !

We've created a range of brand new Luggage Security Gift Sets on our site which combine many of our most popular Luggage Straps, Padlocks and Tags into a pack format and where there is either a good percentage off the normal price or we are adding value such as free personalisation.

You are getting this email because you are an existing contact at Clear Prospects Ltd though you may have bought from The JetRest or perhaps one of our other sites (WheatyBags / HappySnapGifts) so I hope you don't mind me emailing with these occasional offers.


The "Buy 2 Get 2 Free" Personalised Luggage Strap set shown above is by far our best value Luggage Strap pack and has been very popular.  It's great quality and also British Made.



We recognise that if you want to buy a Luggage Strap, many customers will also buy a Padlock or Luggage Tag.  Now we have them grouped with a discount when bought as a set.