Luggage Accessories


Luggage Accessories aim to make travelling with Suitcases more comfortable and safe and include a vast selection of all Luggage Straps, Combination Luggage Straps, TSA Straps and many of which can be personalised with the text or slogan of your choice as Personalised Luggage Straps.  These make your suitcase more secure, help avoid tampering and opporunist theft at the airport, and of course help keep your suitcase locked.  Best of all, a Personalised Luggage Strap will help you identify your luggage at the airport especially if it's a black suitcase like like everyone elses.

Luggage Comfort can be enhanced with our range of Padded Luggage Handles.  They're a very simply padded device that wraps around the handle of your bag to make it easier on your hands when carrying it around your travels.

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