4 Pack of The JetRest Personalised Combination Luggage Straps

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 77 customer reviews.
£24.95 £39.80 

4 Pack of The JetRest Personalised Combination Luggage Straps for the price of 2.

  • Super value 4 pack.
  • Robust combination lock.
  • 180cm long x 5cm size.
  • Personalised with your text.
  • Set your own unique code.
  • 4 distinct colours.
  • Optional free storage pouches.
£24.95 £39.80

If yes please select a colour for the text.

18 character max
18 character max
18 character max

Get the peace of mind you long for with our 4 Pack of stunning Personalised Combination Luggage Straps. Each strap comes with a unique personalisation of your choice, printed in an ultra bold font for easy visibility at the carousel. 

We offer The JetRest Personalised Combination Luggage Straps in a selection of 4 striking colours for you to choose from. Included in these colour options is a delightful pink variation, in addition to a lovely striped colourway - both of which are exclusive to our combination range.

Our combination suitcase straps are available in a 180cm length as standard. Each strap is fully expandable and can be contracted down to the appropriate size if you are in need of a smaller strap. Please measure your luggage before purchasing to ensure that our strap size meets your requirements.

If you're looking for a unique gift idea and know someone who is a frequent traveller, then surprise them with this lovely 4 Pack of Personalised Combination Luggage Straps. The integrated combination lock is super easy to set and guarantees that their luggage is safe and sound during transit.

This 4 Pack is amazing value for money and as a retailer travel accessories for over a decade, we want to ensure that our products are affordable. Each strap is built to last and comes with a lovely black pouch for storage when not in use.

How are the straps printed?

We heat press your text on to a black strip which is then sewn carefully on to the strap to make a durable and strong personalisation for your straps.

Do the straps come in any other colour choices ?

No. These particular straps only come in the colours shown however we do have other products available that come in different colours.

How do I set the combination lock number?

  • Your combination lock will be set to 0-0-0 when first purchased.
  • To change the combination, first open the lock using the combination 0-0-0.
  • Press and hold the round button on the inside whilst changing the numbers.
  • Only release the button when you are satisfied with the new number.
  • Please do not forget your new combination as there is no master re-set available.
Fun and practical!

I wanted to wait to review these until they'd been used! Great looking straps, I did a lot of research and these were the best, colourful, personalised and lockable! Well received Christmas presents which have all now successfully travelled to Mexico AND two to Sri Lanka!

4th February 2017 by Julie Jive


31st January 2017 by MARIA
Personalised luggage labels

The product was received on time, looks great and has correct names. Has not been used yet, but hopefully all will be okay.

30th December 2016 by Mrs, V.L. Grimwood
Bunion Feet

Quality product, personalised names were clear, bold and expertly made.

30th December 2016 by Beverley Duhaney
Family luggage straps

I ordered the rainbow straps with one for each member of the family. they look fantastic. I now need to go on holiday and try them out! Thank you very much for a very prompt and efficient service.

16th December 2016 by Jules Foster
They look great

Bought as presents for family going a big holiday abroad. Can't wait to they open them at Christmas. Bold and colourful. Delivered within days.

14th December 2016 by Ayrshire Ann
Personalised luggage belts

All were what I paid for. Terrific

25th November 2016 by Anna

These straps with name tags are brilliant now I'll be able to spot my suitcase anywhere I go

23rd November 2016 by John
Holiday safety

Our luggage personalised straps arrived promptly,so clear with our name.Will give us peace of mind as some one at Southampton last year nearly walked of with our cases

6th October 2016 by Maureen
Personalised luggage straps

Excellent product

28th September 2016 by Derek Mundle
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