Personalised Combination Luggage Strap 4 Pack from The JetRest

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The JetRest 4 Pack of Personalised Combination Luggage StrapsThe JetRest 4 Pack of Personalised Combination Luggage Straps
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The JetRest 4 Pack of Personalised Combination Luggage Straps4 Pack of The JetRest Personalised Combination Luggage Strap in use (Striped)4 Pack of Personalised Combination Luggage Straps Text Options

Personalised Combination Luggage Strap 4 Pack from The JetRest.

  • Super value 4 pack.
  • Robust combination lock.
  • 180cm long x 5cm size.
  • Personalised with your text.
  • Set your own unique code.
  • 4 distinct colours.
  • Optional storage pouch bags.
£14.95 £35.80 + delivery from £2.95

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Get the peace of mind you long for with our 4 Pack of stunning Personalised Combination Luggage Straps. Each strap comes with a unique personalisation of your choice, printed in an ultra bold font for easy visibility at the carousel. 

We offer The JetRest Personalised Combination Luggage Straps in a selection of 4 striking colours for you to choose from. Included in these colour options is a delightful pink variation, in addition to a lovely striped colourway - both of which are exclusive to our combination range.

Our combination suitcase straps are available in a 180cm length as standard. Each strap is fully expandable and can be contracted down to the appropriate size if you are in need of a smaller strap. Please measure your luggage before purchasing to ensure that our strap size meets your requirements.

If you're looking for a unique gift idea and know someone who is a frequent traveller, then surprise them with this lovely 4 Pack of Personalised Combination Luggage Straps. The integrated combination lock is super easy to set and guarantees that their luggage is safe and sound during transit.

This 4 Pack is amazing value for money and as a retailer travel accessories for over a decade, we want to ensure that our products are affordable. Each strap is built to last and comes with a lovely black pouch for storage when not in use.

How are the straps printed?

We heat press your text on to a black strip which is then sewn carefully on to the strap to make a durable and strong personalisation for your straps.

Do the straps come in any other colour choices ?

No. These particular straps only come in the colours shown however we do have other products available that come in different colours.

How do I set the combination lock number?

  • Your combination lock will be set to 0-0-0 when first purchased.
  • To change the combination, first open the lock using the combination 0-0-0.
  • Press and hold the round button on the inside whilst changing the numbers.
  • Only release the button when you are satisfied with the new number.
  • Please do not forget your new combination as there is no master re-set available.
Excellent just what i wanted

Wanted somwthinf to make my luggage recognisable and this product certainly does that, its even has a coded lock. Would totally recommend

4th April 2018 by Julie
Will easily identify my luggage now

Luggage straps were as described, with a quick and prompt delivery

2nd April 2018 by Doreen Holt


31st March 2018 by DAVE PICKERING
Love mine

Have not used these yet but love the colour and the fact our names are visable from a distance

31st March 2018 by Lesley
Amazingly good value

Bright pink security straps are always going to be useful at the baggage carousel, and these are robust as well. UK/Dubai/Port Sudan/Khartoum/Dubai/UK no problem at all

24th March 2018 by Simon Crowe

Good strong product and great delivery time

14th March 2018 by
Luggage straps with our names are on

Very pleased with the luggage straps with our names on. A great service from the company:)

12th March 2018 by Karen
Suitcase straps with my name

Great service the name is so bright I will never lose my suitcase I have a black one so does every body else thankyou

10th March 2018 by Alvin knight

Very pleased with my purchase of lockable, personalised luggage straps. They really make it easy to spot and retrieve the cases from the carousel- just what I wanted.

2nd March 2018 by LRC
Luggage straps

Very pleased, will make identifying our luggage so easy. They will certainly stand out.

24th February 2018 by
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