The JetRest Cashmere Travel Pillow & Eye Mask Couples Pack

£149.95 £177.80 

The JetRest Travel Pillow doesn't get better than Pure Scottish Cashmere.  This twin couples pack contains 2 of our luxurious travel pillows and 2 FREE luxury eye masks, each packed in a complimentary carry case.

  • The First Class Couples Pack contains:
  • 2 x The JetRest First Class Travel Pillow in 100% Scottish Cashmere.
  • 2 x The JetRest Luxury Eye Mask from a choice of styles.
  • Each packed into 2 handy carry cases or drawstring bag of choice.

Celebrities Ben Fogle, Zilpah Hartley and Russell Grant all love The JetRest travel pillows and allowed us to tell you this.

£149.95 £177.80 + delivery from £2.95

The JetRest Travel Pillow cushions the head upright naturally and is made from super-soft fabrics and inner filling.

The JetRest Luxury Eye Masks are molded to cup over the eye lids and let no light through the fabric layers at all.

How does The JetRest travel pillow stay in place on a seat ?

The JetRest Travel Pillow stays in place with the body's own weight leaning back against the pillow.  The unique L-Shape design means part of the travel cushion is behind your neck and simply by leaning back against this part, it stays in place.

Do I need a window seat for The JetRest travel pillow to work ?

No you do not need a window to lean against.  The JetRest Travel Pillow has a unique L-shape design and part fo the pillow is placed to the side of the head.  The pillow stays put by leaning back against any high backed seat and the side part of the cushion is the part that will support your head upright naturally.

Can I wash The JetRest travel pillow ?

We advise that you take off the removeable cover and clean the cover only.  Each pillow has a care label inside that will show you how to care for your pillow.  We do not recommend cleaning the inside pillow with the fibre filling. Water wont harm it but washing tends to change the shape of the contents inside and may therefore affect the way the pillow works.

Can I use The JetRest original adult travel pillow for my children ?

There's no reason why not though we have made The JetRest Junior into a smaller pillow for children from 2 years upwards.  This pillow is primarily smaller in the part behind the neck to avoid puching the childs head forward and this is the main difference to the adult pillows.

Can I save space with The JetRest travel cushion when travelling ?

Yes, I personally don't take the optional carry case with me to save some space and do pack my pillow into the compression strap as this really compacts the pillow when you're not using it.  Use the carry case to store the pillow when not in use, and for example I keep my pillow in the carry case in the car. Using the optional compression strap is the best way to save space though dont store it for long perions of time compressed otherwiae it may stop the pillow fluffing back up when you release it. 

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