Personalised Silk Sleep Eye Mask featuring Your Name, Phrase or Slogan

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Personalised Silk Sleep Eye Masks from The JetRest are naturally hypoallergenic and can be personalised with a name, phrase or slogan of your choosing.

  • Personalised with your wording.
  • Cute and charming designs.
  • Hypoallergenic mulberry silk.
  • Fully adjustable elastic fastening.
  • 12-character limit.

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£9.95  + delivery from £2.95

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The Personalised Silk Sleep Eye Mask from The JetRest features your name, phrase or slogan and is available in a myriad of charming and cute colours and designs. Made from luxurious mulberry silk, this sleeping eye mask is as functional as it is gorgeous. Express both your creativity and personality with these exquisite and ornate blackout eye blinds.

This non-invasive, yet effective sleep aid comes with an integrated elastic fastening strap. It's fully adjustable which means it's really comfortable and will stay in place regardless of whatever position you sleep in. The Personalised Silk Sleep Eye Mask from The JetRest is both super soft and featherlight and will block out every little morsel of light.

Personalised eye masks by The JetRest make for a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea. If you have friends or family that are frequent flyers, seasoned travelers or poor sleepers, then surprise them with the priceless gift of good health and deep, restful sleep. Create something that is a reflection of your personality with these beautiful personalised blind folds.

Does this eye mask stay in place during sleep?

Yes. The double elasticated fastening ensures a really comfortable fit each and every time you use it.

Can this sleep mask be washed?

Yes. Carefully hand-wash with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

Can I have more than 12-characters?

No. Font sizes and mask designs have been optimised 12-characters. Any more and your wording will be too small.

Fantastic Christmas present

Brilliant. I got this as a novelty personalised gift for my wife. The quality is great and it came on time. Really pleased.

31st December 2016 by Justin
Great product

This was a present for my daughter. The material is soft and gentle on the skin. It offers good blackout properties and looks amazing.

29th December 2016 by Jude
Sleep masks

Really pleased, arrived within a few days, colours were as I requested, personalisations were exact and Material lovely quality. Would buy from this company again.

28th November 2016 by Ann Ling
Fabulous quality, loads of choice

I bought this for my 21-year old daughter. It came in a wide range of colours and formats. I personalised it with her name. It arrived in perfect condition, on time and was as promised in the photo. She's very happy with it and uses it every night!

12th January 2016 by Caroline S
Great product

Personalised eye mask, arrived really quickly.great quality and really cute.

2nd January 2016 by Sarah

I like it, thank you!

14th December 2015 by Guoda
A special surprise

fanstastic! My friends who collects eye masks absolutely loved her personalised one! It was of very high quality and looked fantastic! Would highly recommend this as a special gift!

8th October 2015 by Catherine
Cute sleep mask

The mask arrived on time and looked just as expected. The embroidery of the name I requested looked really good and the moon and stars design, also embroidered, were really nice. The mask itself is a good size and adjustable. I bought it as a gift so I'm not sure how comfortable it is.

20th August 2015 by Caroline Andrews
Highly recommend

I recently ordered a personalised silk sleep eye mask which quickly arrived in excellent condition and was exactly what i had designed it to be. I gave it to a friend as a gift and she also adored it and said its very comfy! Would highly recommend this website to others and will be sure to use it again if need be.

29th June 2015 by Lauren
Customer Service Review of Personalised Silk Sleep Eye Mask featuring Your Name, Phrase or Slogan

These gorgeous silk sleep masks are great if you're looking to think outside the box in terms of gift ideas. An eye mask such as this one can be a live saver if you struggle to get a decent night's sleep. You can personalise this eye mask with up to 12-characters, which is more than enough for a slogan, catchphrase or name.

At its core, this is a super functional sleeping mask with a tremendous blackout effect. It really does block out every smidgen of light. The double elasticated fastening means it's super comfortable to wear, which is really important when you're wearing it every night. 

My favourite thing about these blind folds is the fact that you can mix and match eye mask and text colours and create something that is a true expression of your personality. You can be as creative (or as boring) as you want but rest assured, whatever you create will be made to the same impeccable standards you've come to expect from The JetRest. 

7th May 2015 by Lance Plachciak
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