Personalised TSA Luggage Strap and TSA Padlock Set (Travel Blue)

Rated 5 out of 5 based on 3 customer reviews.

Personalised TSA Luggage Strap and TSA Padlock Set is superb value for money and can be personalised with your name.

  • 1x TSA Personalised Combination Luggage strap.
  • 1x TSA Combination De-Luxe Padlock.
  • Personalise with your name.
  • Two high visibility colours.
  • 200cm length strap.
£27.95  + delivery from £2.95

If yes please select a colour for the text.

18 character max

Each of these fantastic sets contains 1x Personalised TSA Luggage Strap and 1x TSA Combination De-Luxe Padlock. TSA-approved products allow authorised airport personnel to access your suitcase when a physical inspection of your luggage is required. This prevents damage to your strap and to your luggage, as they can access the case using a master key.

Available in two highly visible colours, these TSA Combination Luggage Straps are sturdy and build to last. Each strap can be personalised with a name or message of your choice and makes spotting your luggage even easier for you and your family at baggage claim.

Also included is the TSA Combination De-Luxe Padlock which is available in a striking yellow or blue. Mix and match padlock and strap colours and create a unique gift pack, perfect for those who are frequent travellers or those who would appreciate the added security.

How do I set my combination locks?

Simply follow the instructions that are included with the product. The combination can be easily set to your own unique number. 

Why am I limited in my text characters?

This is due to the area in which we can print the text, we limit the characters so you'r text is prominent enough on the strap to be recognised..

Is it just the strap that is personalised?

Yes it would just be the strap that includes text printing.

Luggage strap and padlock

Item arrived promptly although the padlock was missing, I emailed and it was sent out immediately...very happy with the service

These items are for a present so I can't comment on them, just on the service provided by thejetrest

23rd November 2016 by Gillian Nelson
TSA straps and padlocks

Very please with personalised TSA luggage straps and padlocks. Straps are very distinctive with good quality materials and easy to set locks. Should be easy to recognise our luggage and like the free return to owner option.

7th January 2015 by Cambs29
Directors Review of the Personalised TSA Luggage Security Set

The TSA luggage straps are our stongest straps for suitcases and this pack gives our customers the best of both worlds for travelling... a super strong lock set and brightly coloured personalised straps to stand out at the carousel.  All packed together in a value pack for any seasoned traveller.

28th March 2013 by Michael Robinson
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