TSA Combination Luggage Strap and TSA Padlock Set from Travel Blue

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TSA Luggage Strap and TSA Padlock set gives your luggage the best security as our locks are fully TSA approved.

  • 1x TSA Combination Luggage strap.
  • 1x TSA Combination De-Luxe Padlock.
  • Two striking colour options.
  • Straps are 200cm length.
  • TSA approved for airport handling.
£27.95  + delivery from £2.95

These excellent security products are both TSA approved and come in bold, vibrant colours for easy recognition. The strong combination dial allows you to set your own unique number and offers ultimate protection for your luggage.

The TSA screens every traveller's baggage before it is allowed on to the airplane and whilst this is mostly done electronically, often there are times when there is a physical need to inspect the bag.

TSA has worked to develop a series of products which can be easily opened by airport security using a universal master key so that these products can be easily opened without any damage caused. 

Each of these super value sets comes with 1x TSA Combination Luggage Strap and 1x TSA Combination De-Luxe Padlock. This set also allows you to mix and match the strap and padlock colours enabling you to create a thoughtful and unique gift idea that is perfect for travelers.

How do I set my combination?

All instructions are included with the product. The combination can be easily set to your own unique number though dont forget it as there is no master re-set available. 

How wide are the straps?

The straps are 50mm wide.

Are the straps under warrantee?

The straps include a 24 month manufacturers guarantee.

just what i was looking for

your tsa combination luggage straps and locks were just what we wanted for our trip to usa

29th May 2013 by ken the silverfox
Directors Review of the TSA Security Set

I highly recommend this as a set.  Its one of our strongest straps on the site and when sold with the matching TSA padlock, this is a great gift set for any traveller even if travelling outside of areas like the USA where TSA locks are more important.

28th March 2013 by Michael Robinson
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