Luggage Straps

Luggage Straps and Suitcase Straps are important when travelling, not only to keep your luggage from bursting open but also to easily identify your cases coming off the plane and we have many British Made and Personalised options available to order.

As a British manufacturing company, we make luggage straps and combination straps and accessories here in the UK and aim to provide you with a vast choice of travel accessories at competitive prices.  Click to Read More on our most popular luggage straps or click straight onto the accessories below.

Our most popular suitcase straps would be the British Made Personalised Luggage Straps in our bright colours closely followed by our own Combination Luggage Straps.  Almost all our suitcase accessories can be personalised with your name or a catchy slogan of your choice and make for great personalised gifts especially for the regular traveller.

Have a look also at our main menu of other items as many are made in the UK or bought in for your convenience.

Luggage strap Summary

keeps your luggage safely closed in transit.
extra security to help avoid tampering.
bright colours to help identify luggage.
long lengths of strapping.
adjustable length.
strong buckles.
look out for our "British Made" logo on our own manufactured products throughout our web site.

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