Travel Comfort


Travel Comfort Products including a range of luxury Travel Pillows, Eye Masks and other items like Earplugs all designed to make your travels more comfortable and relaxing. Flying can test the patience of many a traveller and so many people would benefit from a good rest or sleep on the plane when going on holidays and our range of travel comfort items will help everyone arrive refreshed and ready for their holidays.

Travel Pillows are a must for every flight, even short-haul flights can be worrying and having a travel pillow that supports your head and neck is a wonder. Our range of travel pillows includes The JetRest® Original Travel Pillow, our unique patented design of L-Shaped pillow that supports your head upright naturally on any high backed seat like a plane or coach seat. Leaning back against the back of the travel pillows unique neck part will pin the pillow to the seat and the side area then supports your head and neck upright and of course, being UK Made we use the best fabrics, filling and content that makes for one of the best travel pillow available with many a fan created since it's launch in 1999.

Advances in our technology at the factory mean we have innovated on the traditional U-Shaped Travel Pillows and have a range of fun and unique printed travel pillows. We use the same supportive and luxury fibre filling as The JetRest® Original Travel Pillow in our Fibre-Filled pillows and with their launch happening in summer 2019 we know these will become a favourite travel companion for many people in the years to come. Most of our own design and manufactured neck pillows are available as Personalised Travel Pillows for a bit more fun and personalisation.

Travel Eye Masks help block out the light as a sleep aid but importantly they also tell other people around you not to be disturbed. Personalised Eye Masks can even have this "Do Not Disturb" message printed on them though many of our customers have put firmer words than that we can tell you. All good fun but essentially we have a vast range of Sleep Eye Masks available as Cotton Eye Masks for the all-natural mask lovers, in Luxury Silk Eye Masks for the ultimate in luxury eye masks or a range of low-cost Airline Eye Masks.

Lastly, don't underestimate the benefits of a great set of Earplugs. Block out all or some of the noise with these earplugs available from 3M branded Safety Earplugs through to Silicon Earplugs that almost totally block out all noise when travelling or sleeping.

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