Best Eye Mask


Finding the Best Eye Mask can be tricky though we know what to look out for when recommending the best eye masks for sleep and travel. Having sold and produced eye masks in our UK Factory since 1999 we have gathered so much feedback from customers and present the best of our eye mask range to you here.

Customers have told us that the best eye masks feature the following, some of which or all of which can be possible from our range:

  • Blackout Fabric - eye masks where you cannot see through the fabric, or the fabric won't let through the light make for the best eye masks.
  • Good Shape and Large Coverage - get a good eye mask that covers a decent amount of space on the face to cover part of the forehead and part of the cheeks to help block out the light. Shaped 3D Eye Masks are the best for this though some Luxury Eye Masks have a larger area.
  • Adjustable Straps - these help for comfort though also help the eye mask not to be too tight which can make the shape distort and light let in.
  • Soft Fabric is essential and the better the yey mask the softer the fabric and go for silk eye masks if this is possible.
  • And why not have fun with Personalised Eye Masks or Novelty Eye Masks because even though you can't read it, others can be told to leave you alone while you sleep.
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