Eye Masks


Eye Masks and Sleep Masks help to block out the light while resting and create a good nights sleep. Whether you are travelling on a plane, sleeping over in a hotel or simply at home, a good quality eye mask helps you sleep better by blocking out the light.

We have a great range of eye asks and many of the sleep masks can be Personalised Eye Masks. One of the more popular masks we have is from our Luxury Silk Eye Mask range where we have personalised text eye masks as well as themed personalised silk masks. The luxury silk fabric is super-soft on the skin and yet doesn't let any light through the fabric and these masks are extremely popular among adults and teenagers alike.

Cotton Eye Masks are in demand as the fabric is all-natural and we have these cotton masks also available in personalised cotton eye mask versions. Beauty therapists and other beauty related people often buy our cotton masks for us with their customers.

3D Eye Masks mold to cup over the eyes and we have been selling these eye masks for decades. They have now become extremely popular as they are very lightweight, available in a range of colours and help avoid your eyelashes touching the inside of the eye mask which is really useful when you have long eyelashes, especially if you've just paid a small fortune to look beautiful.

Airline eyemasks are very low cost, they are practical, small and compact and very lightweight and can be bought in bulk if you wanted to have around the house, in your bags and ready for a sleep wherever you may travel.

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