Eye Masks


At The JetRest® we aim to offer you the best selection available, here in our eye mask shop. There are many things to consider when choosing an eye mask for sleeping and we hope we have all the answers within our products, each of which have different unique qualities.

Eye Masks are used for many purposes whether you suffer from sleep deprivation of general lack of sleep. Anyone with trouble sleeping whether at home or on the move will appreciate sleep aids such as the extensive range of eye masks on our web site. No more sleep disorders, just a beautiful nights sleep.

Things our customers consider when purchasing an eye mask:

  • Is the sleep mask for use lying down or in a seated position?
  • Will the elastic fastenings be comfortable?
  • Does the sleep mask block out all light?
  • Can I wash my eye mask?
  • Is the quality of the eye shade good enough for a gift?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping at home or on the move ?

Weight of the eye mask will not be an issue when using the eye mask at home though when travelling, you may want your sleep aid to be light weight and not so bulky.
Is blocking out all light more important than the comfort of wearing the eye mask ?

Some customers have trouble sleeping in the daytime such as shift workers. To these people The JetRest Luxury Eye Mask offers a fabric that blocks out all light and is light in weight to sleep for many hours even while lying down in bed.

Some sleep disorders lead customers to want the ultimate in comfort fit with the eye mask and as such a combination of elastic and velcro fastenings allow the customer to have the sleep aid fit perfectly.

Would heat and smell be important to you if you have trouble sleeping ?

Do you have any suggestions for us ?

If you suffer from lack of sleep, why not email us and suggest any products that you find comfortable and a help with your lack of sleep. We are always open to suggestion.

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