Blankets & Warmers


Blankets and Warmers are so important when travelling long haul or simply when travelling in the car or coach on your holidays.  Staying warm is so comforting and if you are travelling far, there's nothing better than warmth and comfort to help you sleep on the move.

At The JetRest we have a range of UK Made Blankets that come in many size options.  Smaller blankets are great to pack down small or for the children when travelling in the car overnight.  Having a range of sizes that are all made to order means that the larger fleece blankets make for a perfect travelling rug to keep in the car.

Our largest fleece blankets are made to enourmous sizes and we even offer a doubled up version though these would be best for snuggling up to on a winters night watching tv rather than for travelling.

In addition to the blankets, we also offer a range of microwave heat packs and traditional hot water bottles.  We sell these on our other sites though show you them here on The JetRest in case you need a hot water bottle and cover or hot pack to take with you on holiday.  Each are UK made and offer the best warming travel gifts.

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