Kids Travel Pillows


Kids Travel Pillows are Kids Neck Pillows made smaller to provide true support or real comfort for your youngsters while sleeping in the car or on the plane. Our Kids Travel Pillows are generally smaller and suitable for Children in a choice of patterns, characters and lively colours and will appeal to many children from toddlers through to teens. Read more for our checklist of what to look out for from The Best Travel Pillow for Kids.

When speaking to parents, they all ask many similar questions when looking at a Childrens Travel Pillows:

  • Can the travel pillow be used in the car or a car booster seat.
  • Can it be taken on holiday with us in the place and roll down to save valuable space.
  • Is it fun and in soft fabric and designed to appeal to children.
  • Can the covers be removed for cleaning.
  • Is it just for babies or toddlers or can it be used into the teens and adulthood.
  • Do I have plenty of choice as I know there are hardly any travel pillows for kids online.
  • If its an adult pillow, can it be used by my kids.

So many kids travel pillows exist though the best we find are either a shape that helps support the childs neck and head upright like The JetRest Kids Travel Pillow or ones that are u-shaped and provide support to the side of the neck.

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