Luggage Straps


Luggage Straps are used widely to help protect your suitcase from being tampered with at the airport though these days they are more commonly used to identify your luggage easily at the carousel at the airport. Luggage Straps have been a very popular travel accessory for so many years though now we manufacture most of our straps here in the UK and have the very best range of straps you will ever need.

Starting back in 1999 we brought our 1st UK Made Luggage Strap and these are still being sold stongly though a 4 Pack of Personalised Luggage Straps now leads the way. Personalised Luggage Straps really help you identify your case among many others that will all typically be black or hard to spot at the airport. We recommend going for a nice bright colour and having your name, inititals or just a fun unique slogan on your straps to make them really stand out.

We have sold Combination Luggage Straps for almost as many years though now we manufacture Luggage Straps with Combination Lock here in the UK. These combination straps have a tried and tested combination buckle which has metal working parts inside and they act as a strong and sturdy luggage belt for your cases. All straps we manufacture are fully adjustable in size and have a 3 lock combination though we also personalise these Personalised Luggage Straps with Combination Locks and offer them as a great value 4 Pack for family travels.

TSA Luggage Straps are one of the most sturdy luggage straps and we also have a selection of TSA Approved Luggage Straps that can act as Personalised TSA Combination Luggage Straps.

Browse through our full range of All Luggage Straps to see which strap with be the best for your needs and if you don't see what you are looking for, why not get in touch.

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