Travel Pillows


A Travel Pillow is used primarily for travelling as a compact cushion for sleeping on the move. Read more for our checklist of key points that make a travel pillow perfect for you or click straight into the products shown for all their benefits.

Our essentials for selecting a travel pillow would include asking yourself:

  • Is it the best travel pillow for the different places it may be used.
  • Is it made from comfortable fabrics and fibre fillings.
  • Is it important that the travel pillow rolls up and saves space when not in use.
  • Will it be used time and again or is it for a one-off special and sometimes longer journey.
  • Is it a gift which needs to be personalised or am I using it personally.
  • Can it be used on any high backed seat like a plane or car seat or will the travel pillow also be good to use flat while camping or in a hotel.
  • Can the covers be removed for washing.
  • Can my whole family share it or is it cost-effective to buy one each as sharing is so inconvenient.
  • We get asked the question which is the best travel pillow or travel cushion for planes and cars so many times though always have a very easy answer and that is The JetRest OriginalTravel Pillow tops out as the favourite.
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