Kids Sleep Masks


Kids Sleep Masks are sleep masks made smaller for children and smaller toddlers trying to block out the light and get some sleep on bright summer evenings or on the move for holidays.

Children can have so much trouble sleeping and when going on holiday, or even when at home, sleep is one of the most important matters that can help make life easier. A good night's sleep being so important for children who are growing and playing hard.

A children's eye mask aims to block out some of the bright light associated with trying to sleep in the day or early evening when it's not properly dark outside. The eye masks we have for kids are all smaller though in reality any of our adult eye masks would also suite though the elastic fastening may be a tad too long so the choice of eye mask is your own. If your child has a small head, particularly for toddlers then the child's eye masks will be perfect, though if not, why not just make the elastic fastenings smaller by tightening them or tying up tighter.

Of course, eye masks for children have to be fun to persuade them to wear something they may or may not be comfortable with. The JetRest Childrens Eye Masks can be plain airline stock in blue or pink but why not have a look over the personalised kids eye masks and also our themed designer eye masks as these have unicorn and other cool designs the children will love.

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