Travel Neck Pillows


Travel Neck Pillows are an essential travel accessory when considering a long journey whether this is in the car, a coach, train or of course a plane. Travel Neck Pillows are typically Neck Support Pillows that aim to cushion to head more upright and are made from soft fabrics like The JetRest Original Travel Pillow. The best neck pillows we find are ones that are filled with fibre like your favourite bed pillow from home as they are simply so comfortable compared to a traditional inflatable pillow.

The best travel neck pillows for long haul flights will combine all the benefits of a travel neck pillow offering support for the head, comfort around the neck, super-soft fabrics and being fibre filled for a great nights sleep. If considering a u-shaped travel neck pillow, see if it meets all the criteria for a comfortable neck pillow we've mentioned here and go for a fun design like the Travel Neck Pillow with Icon Designs or a more traditional U-Shaped Fibre Filled Neck Pillow.

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