Personalised Luggage Straps


Personalised Luggage Straps lockable or not are the most popular suitcase strap that are made from scratch in our own UK factory.

Being a British Manufacturing business, we can offer you an extensive range of personalised luggage straps and we have a selection that can be personalised with your name, initials or even a fun slogan or phrase of your choice with the most popular personalised luggage strap. We've been asked to print all sorts of phrases over the years and all in the name of you easily spotting your luggage at the carousel.

Luggage straps are great for stopping your case from bursting open at the airport, and also preventing casual tampering and theft from your suitcase though best of all, identifying your luggage at collection is a great way to avoid the stress at the carousel. Our bright range of colours helps with the identification though with a personalised name or catchy travellers phrase your luggage is sure to stand out from the crowds.

The JetRest® luggage straps can all be tightened up even on smaller cases though as we manufacture each from scratch, you will also see the option on some to have them made extra long for larger cases. Our straps come in a range of bright colours and are made from really strong nylon though we also offer a couple from softer cotton strapping where you may have a more delicate case you want to protect. Musicians often order our soft luggage straps to protect valuable wooden cases.

British Made Luggage Straps made with care and attention to keep your cases safe while out and about around the world.

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