U-Shaped Travel Pillows


U-Shaped Travel Pillows are the most popular of traditional travel pillows to support your head and neck while trying to sleep on the move.  Travel Pillows have come on a long way since the creation of the horse-shoe shaped designs though these u-shaped pillows remain as popular as ever.

Being a UK Factory we have started to extend our range of travel pillows and now make many designs and colour choices to order.  By making travel pillows in the UK, we can offer many designs and so many colour options so the range is vast.  We make to order as we also offer personalised text to make your travel pillow one of the most loved travel gifts there can be.

What better travel accessory to give as a gift or just to use yourself than a personalised u-shaped travel pillow to take with you in the car, plane, train or coach on holiday.

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