Face Masks


Face Masks are used to help prevent dust and other allergens from the air being breathed in and are becoming a very popular type of mask to have in the house and for travel at all times.  There are many forms of face mask including Surgical Masks, Breathing Masks and Dust Masks.  3M Masks are one of the biggest and most trusted of best face masks available and, as a main distributor of these masks we have plenty of stock available for immediate despatch from our UK Warehouse.

Cotton Face Masks and the other UK Face Masks we make in house also offer a good level of protection against breathing in the air surrounding you.  Our cotton face masks are either cheaper face masks made from a double layer of fabric or our Luxury Face Mask where we have created a mask with 3 layers of natural cotton fabric for double the protection.  Each mask has a double elastic fitting and we offer a choice of adults or childrens face masks.

Snoods & Face Gaiters are also a great way to cover your mouth and nose and can be also used over the head and to warm the body around the neck and have a stunning range of colours and sporting design options.

3M Masks take many forms though are typically white or blue masks and 3M have supplied these masks to consumers and business for decades.  Surgical Masks are used throughout the medical industry and are typically Surgical Face Masks that are blue in colour. The BBC referenced an n95 model face mask and these are available from our site as and when we have stock and their article seemed to favour these while they covered the corona virus.  Of course many other 3M masks would offer equal protective use and we trust you will find what you are looking for from our stock available now.

Dust Masks are one of the main reasons that masks are made available and all the 3M and UK Made Face Masks offer protection against breathing in dust to one degree or another.  Dust takes many forms whether this is woodworking dust or dust from construction or doing general DIY.  Dust Masks create a simple barrier between your nose and mouth and the outside air that you are breathing.  They are not usually a medical related product unless stated though they all offer different forms of effective filtering and many of the 3M Masks have a varied degree of filtration and protection depending on the specification you need.  Some are very simple disposable face masks as the cheapest face masks available, some have small one way air vents that help when you breath out and block when breathing in to ensure the air flows through the fabric of the mask and therefore filter the air.  Other 3M masks we have are more serious masks and offer a great degree of protection and you will be able to decide which is the best mask by reading the content on each product.

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