Inflatable Travel Pillow with Feather Down Cover (U-Shaped)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 11 customer reviews.
Inflatable Travel Pillow with Feather Down CoverInflatable Travel Pillow with Feather Down Cover
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Inflatable Travel Pillow with Feather Down CoverInflatable Travel Pillow with Feather Down Cover

When it comes to u-shaped inflatable travel pillows, this is the ultimate as it has all the benefits of saving space being inflatable, but also has a feather down cover to make the feel of the travel pillow luxurious.

  • U-shaped travel pillow.
  • Combination of air and down construction.
  • Pocket size pillow that when deflated saves space.
  • Feather down cover makes it very comfortable when inflated.
  • Soft micro-fibre outer cover.
  • Approx. size 25cm x 41cm before inflating.

To get the best of this inflatable and feather down travel pillow, only inflate to around 3/4 full.

Also suitable for children though we recommend not inflating as much as you would for an adult as it is an adult size pillow.

Eased the ordeal of long-haul flight

I checked out lots of possible travel pillows before settling on this one. I feel I made the right choice. I was facing four long-haul flights to and from New Zealand and Paris, none shorter than 10 hours. I needed a pillow that would pack away easily (this does) yet would stop my head flopping over (this does, provided you lean your seat as far back as possible, to prevent your head flopping forward).

11th August 2015 by John
Night Sea Crossing Plymouth to Roscoff

The Jet rest made a positive difference to my journey using a reclining seat as no cabin was available. Soft, Supportive and adjustable are the key words to describe this cushion.

24th July 2014 by Roger
Great Travel Pillow

I recently purchased this travel pillow for a long haul flight and it aided me in a great sleep on the plane. Soft cover is lovely. If you dont inflate it to full capacity it is more comfortable.

22nd April 2014 by Joanna
Very comfortable travel pillow

Used on long haul travel to South Africa, worth every spent.

18th February 2014 by Boltonhousehold
Lovely product

These cushions are really lovely just what you need on a long haul fight.

5th December 2013 by S. Gee
Very comfortable!

I travel alot and have back/neck issues. My last cushion bit the dust and this product is great as it has just a little more padding than my last one. Great quality and also the service was quick and easy.

Many thanks

7th August 2013 by Paul

Helped me get a good nights sleep on an overnight flight recently, and to snooze on long drives (as a passenger obviously!!).

20th December 2012 by Jane
The best!

I've tried so many inflatable cushions, but this is simply the best!

19th June 2012 by Sophie
Travel Pillow with Feather Down Cover

Pillow is great, comfortable and easy to use. Delivered promptly.

14th June 2012 by Andy
Travel cushion

Excellent service. Pillow does it's job well. Much more comfortable than cheap ones.

19th January 2012 by Geni53
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