Personalised Eye Masks


Personalised Eye Masks come with the name, slogan or initials of your choice on a range of eye masks whether they are to be used for your own rest at night or as a travel gift for the restless friend wanting a fun sleep mask.

We hold so many eye masks in UK stock meaning we can offer personalised eye masks quickly and despatch in time for your holiday if they are a travel accessory, or just for sleeping at home or in a hotel when the nights are lighter as spring and summer are with us.

Personalised Sleep Masks really make you stand out in our range of novelty eye masks. Some customers have chosen to have "Do Not Disturb" on their masks whereas others personalise their mask with an icon and their nick-name or inititals. Either way, your personalised eye mask will help you stand out and help others realise you just want to be left alone to sleep.

Personalised Luxury Silk Eye Masks are one of the favourite packs of eye masks we sell and these come in a range of personalised and also deigner icon prints. Unicorns seem so popular with many girls and ladies though have a look at our new range of travel icons to brighten up the personalised eye mask design.

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