The JetRest Luxury Travel Comfort Kit

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The JetRest Luxury Travel Comfort KitThe JetRest Luxury Travel Comfort Kit
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The JetRest Luxury Travel Comfort KitThe JetRest Travel Pillow in denim cotton shown in use in a carThe JetRest Luxury Eye MaskSoft Foam Ear Plugs

The JetRest Neck Pillow, luxury eye mask and earplugs all in one great reduced-cost pack for your holiday comfort or the perfect travel accessory gift.

  • The JetRest Original Neck Pillow cushions the head upright and works on any high backed seat. The best selling neck support for travelling.
  • The JetRest Luxury Eye Mask is cupped over the eyes and completely blocks out all light.
  • Ear Plugs for some peace and quiet on the move.
  • All packed with a handy carry pouch.

SAVE 39% off RRP with this travel accessory comfort kit.

£19.95 £29.95 + delivery from £2.95

The JetRest Travel Pillow cushions the head upright naturally and is made from super-soft fabrics and inner filling.

The JetRest Luxury Eye Masks are molded to cup over the eye lids and let no light through the fabric layers at all.

Ear Plugs and made from soft energy absorbing foam and come in their own plastic screw-top container.



Is there more information on how The JetRest works ?

Yes. Please click on the product in the Travel Pillows section or [here].

Does the eye mask block out all light ?

Yes. You cannot see through the fabric of the eye mask at all.

My partner is really pleased with this kit.

It really is a luxury kit, comfortable in use and does it's job well.

29th December 2017 by P.Rowe
Nice & Soft

Turned up really quickly, pillow lovely & soft, eye shades comfortable. Am looking forward to using them on my up & coming night flight. Very pleased

2nd March 2016 by Maz Stevens
Holiday find

Not used yet for holiday but have tried at home and it feels great

17th February 2016 by Judy Nix
Just the ticket

Exactly what I needed on a 33 hour trip - very comfortable and easy to use!

28th February 2015 by TBushell
Love forever

Been using JetRest for years. Lost my old one. The best travel pillow ever. It is comfortable while leaving you with a lot of freedom at the same time.

20th January 2015 by Gerhard
The most comfortable rest on a plane

I have tried most things to try to rest on a flight, but can honestly say this is the most comfortable, I didn't sleep but then I never do, but I was able to relax and rest on my recent trip to Dubai.

11th June 2014 by Dawn
Havent used the cushion yet , but feels lovely, I am sure it will be very comfortable.

Excellent prompt service, travel cushion feels lovely, and the travel pack is very good value for money, I particularly like the eye mask it gives complete darkness and is very comfy to wear.

13th March 2014 by Mrs Hind
good quality product, but not quite perfect.

I bought the set for a long coach journey to Italy. The eye mask was great. The jet rest head cushion was very comfortable.

8th March 2014 by
A good find!

Loved this kit, made my recent travels that much more comfortable. Have tried and tested the pillow and eye mask, and got some good sleep on the plane. A good well made product, and great service from from order to prompt delivery.

20th January 2014 by Julie
Superb kit for the long haul traveller.

I found this kit whilst looking for a decent eye mask. I travel very regularly on overnight long haul flights in economy and was never very good at sleeping on planes, which is not good when i'm working the next day. I found an eye mask definitely helps but a standard one is very uncomfortable on your eyes and if you stir as you often do on planes the fact your eyes are being touched wakes you fully. The eye mask in this kit is great, it doesn't touch your eyes as provides total darkness. I get a good amount of sleep these days using one. The Pillow is also excellent, I tried the "U" shaped ones but being a tall bloke I find its not comfortable on your neck at all. I was often better to use the built in rest on the seat. With this pillow I find it much better as I can position it better than anything else. With the mask, pillow and using the airline pillow under my feet (as odd as it sounds it works for me to fool my brain into thinking its in a bed) I get as much sleep as I could hope for. I'd recommend this kit to anyone who needs to sleep on planes.

31st July 2013 by John
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