Personalised Digital Weighing Scale Luggage Strap (Orange)

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The JetRest® Personalised Digital Weighing Scale Luggage Strap featuring an integrated LCD display and super bright orange webbing.

  • Luggage strap personalised with your name.
  • Integrated digital scale for weighing your case.
  • Combination lock belt for increased security.
  • Tough, rugged bright orange webbing.
  • 180cm long x 5cm size luggage strap.


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£9.95 £14.95

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The JetRest Personalised Digital Weighing Scale Luggage Strap is personalised with your initials, a name or message of your choice. This clever luggage strap combines a rugged combination suitcase belt with a convenient digital weighing scale. This allows you to weigh your suitcase prior to check-in to avoid excess baggage charges.

This digital luggage lock features an easy-to-read LCD display and has the facility to weigh up to 40kg or 88lbs of mass. This strap can display in both Metric or Imperial measurement units, which can be especially convenient when dealing with different airlines.

We print your desired personalisation in an ultra bold font, directly onto a piece of contrasting black fabric. We then sew this fabric onto the premium orange webbing - resulting in a suitcase lock that can be easily identified at baggage claim, even if you're short sighted or suffer from poor vision.

Each strap comes with a resettable, 3-digit combination lock for increased security during transit. We've designed this suitcase belt to withstand the bumps and bruises associated with airport baggage systems. Don't compromise when it comes to travel security - grab yourself a Personalised Digital Weighing Scale Luggage Belt today.

Is there a character limit for my personalisation?

Yes. There is an 18-character limit for your personalised text.

Does a battery come included with this product?

No. This luggage belt uses a CR2032 battery which can be found at all leading retailers.

Can I use this battery product on airlines and security ?

Please check with your intended airline to see if they have a policy for battery based products on luggage before ordering especially if considering the product for air travel.  An alternative to consider if you are unsure is our "Removeable Scale" luggage strap where you can remove the physical battery weighing scale before your flight and leave at home or place perhaps inside your luggage if this is acceptable.

How do I set the combination lock number?

Your combination lock is set to 0-0-0 when first purchased.

1. Ensure the strap is closed before starting.

2. Insert a pin firmly into the small hole on the side of the buckle.

3. Change the combination wheel to set your code.

4. Release the button by removing the pin from the hole.

Excellent quality luggage straps with personalised text

I was looking for a gift which could be personalised but be useful also.
I ordered a set of luggage straps with scales attached, which are always needed and then added text to the straps so that luggage is easily identifiable. The item was made and delivered very promptly and the quality is excellent. Will probably buy some more in the future for other people. Thank you.

3rd February 2017 by Shauna Potts
Great product

Highly recommend this company after receiving a faulty product they sent me another one without any delay or fuss

20th May 2016 by Len

I was very pleased with my named luggage straps which were for a friends 70th Birthday. We did have a problem when they arrived but Becky dealt with it very quickly and efficiently. Would order this item again.

7th March 2016 by PAT SMITH
Customer Service Review of The JetRest Personalised Digital Weighing Scale Luggage Strap

The JetRest Personalised Digital Weighing Scale Luggage Strap makes for a unique and thoughtful personalised gift idea, perfect for frequent flyers. If you're looking to avoid unexpected excess baggage charges, then do yourself a favour and grab one of these super useful suitcase belts.

We will personalise this luggage belt with literally anything you want. Whether it's your name, initials or a special message for a hen or stag do - we will do it. This stunning suitcase strap is really easy to spot at baggage claim due to it's super bright orange webbing.

For added security, we've integrated a 3-digit resettable combination lock onto the buckle of the strap, which prevents the case from accidentally falling open during transit. Avoid the headaches associated with overweight baggage with our superb luggage lock.

25th January 2016 by Lance Plachciak
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