The JetRest Travel Pillow - Compression Strap

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The JetRest Compression Strap will make the travel pillow smaller for travelling and save you space.

  • Strong and light weight compression strap.
  • Designed specially to fit The JetRest Travel Pillow.
  • Compresses your travel cushion down to save space when travelling.
  • Available in white with black buckles as shown.
  • Made from strong nylon.
£4.95  + delivery from £2.95

The JetRest Travel Pillow Compression Strap has been designed to fit any of our JetRest branded travel pillows to make them smaller for travelling.

We use the compression strap for our travel pillow when travelling abroad by plane and where hand luggage space can be an issue.  Simply loosen the straps and wrap around the travel pillow, then pull the straps as tight as you like to compress the travel pillow.

The travel pillow compression strap has 2 buckles at the front and roll the pillow tighter bringing the space the travel pillow uses down to about 22cm x 11cm in diameter.  Of course the travel pillow still weighs the same and the compression strap is very light weight.

Once you arrive at your destination we recommend you loosen the straps all the way to allow the travel pillow to relax and take shape as the travel pillow will spring back to life when released.  We also recommend storing The JetRest Travel Pillow in our optional carry case to keep it dry and clean ready for your next journey.

N.B. Product sold here is the compression strap alone and not the travel pillow shown in the image (available seperately).

Does the job

A fiddle to put on quickly but does the job.

8th March 2014 by Anne R
No more discomfort

This pillow makes long flights much more comfortable.[smells nice too !]

20th September 2013 by becca
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