The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock showing free earplugsThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock showing free earplugs
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The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock showing free earplugsThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stockThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stockThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stockThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stockThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock showing box

The Sleep Mask by Tempur is a beautifully designed and exclusively USA made Tempur-Pedic eye mask which is now available for purchase direct from our UK stock and comes with FREE EARPLUGS.

  • Genuine TEMPUR memory foam, the pressure relieving material that conforms to your body.
  • The TEMPUR Eye Mask conforms to the contours of your face for maximum comfort and relief from sleep disrupting light.
  • Soft velour cover is allergen and mite resistant.
  • Elasticated strap with Velcro closure provides a snug, adjustable fit.
  • Dark blue colour.
  • Mask measures approximately 21cm wide and 7cm tall.

These genuine TEMPUR-PEDIC eye masks have been shipped direct to our warehouse in the UK ready for despatch to all our customers.  They are the genuine branded item and are normally extremely difficult to purchase outside the USA.

We love the Tempur eye masks as they contour to the face and, as the TEMPUR "foam" insides warm to the body, they seem to mold perfectly to the shape of a face around the eyes. We love the weight, not too heavy but heavy enough to provide true comfort whether sleeping while travelling or at home in bed.

TEMPUR-PEDIC's exclusive technology is recognised by NASA and certified by the foundation.

Are these genuine TEMPUR-PEDIC Sleep Masks ?

Yes. We ship the stock direct from the USA to be sold here exclusively for our customers.

Are there any colour choices for the sleep mask ?

No. Tempur sleep masks are only available in the lovely dark navy blue colour.

How heavy are the eye masks ?

Approximately 62gms each.

I love this i tend to sleep during the day, instead of at night. This mask is ideal as it keeps me in the dark. ;-)
2nd June 2015 by Kate
Comfy sleep mask. the tempur sleep mask is comfortable, cosy and easy to wear. It completely masks any light in the room (natural or artificial). Its soft material moulds into your face and the adjustable velcro strap makes for a comfortable nights sleep. I would highly recommend this sleep mask.
15th April 2015 by Michael Coote
My husband sleeps like a baby! i bought this for my husband and he says he is having the best sleep of his life.... It's like magic! Now i need one!!
8th April 2015 by Helen
Dad loves it and now his sleep! bought this for my dad who loves sleeping with eye masks. The tempur-pedic was fettered in a review he saw in the paper and went on his christmas list straight away! It was an instant hit and he said it was very comfortable, with its soft material and weighted design. Would recommend to anybody :) thanks
30th January 2015 by Lockwood
Eye covers bought for my son who is a pilot and works nights. Staying in various hotels sleeping during the day he has found the eye mask works perfectly. He said they are extremely comfortable and completely black out any daylight.
26th January 2015 by Jacqui
Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask i bought the tempur-pedic sleep mask for my wife as a surprise christmas present.she is a light sleeper and is often awakened too early,by early summer-time mornings. She thinks it will be a godsend and finds it very comfortable.
22nd January 2015 by John
Great sleep mask i hae used many sleep masks during my years as a long haul airline pilot but none were as good as this one.
23rd December 2014 by Snowy Le Breton
Finally a mask that genuinely works! i have bought at least 5 eye masks over the years all claiming to block out the light and ensure a great night sleep, oh no they didn't. Not until i came across the tempur eyemask which works a treat alongside our tempur mattress and pillows (yes we are total converts to tempur). We holiday in a campervan, so from around 5am each morning the entire living area is basked in daylight creeping in around the badly fitting blinds, at least now i don't share this extreme brightness until i peel off the mask. It really does work. Night night.
23rd December 2014 by Ruth Moult
Excellent product i was first introduced to these eyepads in the usa and have used them successfully for many years. They are extremely comfortable, the material soft but protective. The fit is excellent, excluding any light and so aiding sleep. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any traveller.
22nd December 2014 by Janet
Sleep Mask this is the best sleep mask i have tried. It keeps out all the light as i tend to sleep a lot during the day.
28th November 2014 by Kate
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