The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic (showing the back)The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic (showing the back)
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The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic (showing the back)The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic (showing the front)The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock

Beautifully designed and made exclusively by Tempur-Pedic in the USA, these eye sleep masks are now available for purchase direct from our UK stock.

  • Made with Genuine TEMPUR memory foam, the pressure relieving material that conforms to your body.
  • The TEMPUR Eye Mask conforms to the contours of your face for maximum comfort and relief from sleep disrupting light.
  • Soft velour cover is allergen and mite resistant.
  • Elasticated strap with Velcro closure provides a snug, adjustable fit.
  • Dark blue colour.
  • Mask measures approximately 21cm wide and 7cm tall.

TEMPUR-PEDIC's exclusive technology is recognised by NASA and certified by the foundation.


These genuine TEMPUR-PEDIC eye masks have been shipped direct to our warehouse in the UK ready for despatch to all our customers.  They are the genuine branded item and are normally extremely difficult to purchase outside the USA.

We love the Tempur eye masks as they contour to the face and, as the TEMPUR "foam" insides warm to the body, they seem to mold perfectly to the shape of a face around the eyes. We love the weight, not too heavy but heavy enough to provide true comfort whether sleeping while travelling or at home in bed.

Are these genuine TEMPUR-PEDIC Sleep Masks ?

Yes. We ship the stock direct from the US to be sold here exclusively for our customers.

Are there any colour choices for the sleep mask ?

No. Tempur sleep masks are only available in the lovely dark navy blue colour.

How heavy are the eye masks ?

Approximately 62gms each.

Sleeping sweetly

Soft and comfortable and, most importantly, completely excludes every glimmer of light. Highly recommended.

5th April 2014 by Janet York
Best sleep mask there is

I get woken up by light - when my partner wakes up in the night and switches on his iPad, when the sun comes in around the blackout lining of the curtains and so on. I have tried several sleep masks and most of them are uncomfortable, putting pressure on my eyes when tight enough to keep out the light. Not so with this lovely product. The flaps that sit under the eyes lift the mask off your eyes while keeping the light firmly out. I sleep much better in the complete darkness it provides. Overall I am delighted and the mask is still as good as new after three months or so of wear. If you want a good sleep mask, this one won't disappoint you.

4th March 2014 by Betsy
very pleased

excellent product.better than advertised on the website.highly recommended.

28th February 2014 by gerald
Great buy

Very comfortable item. Makes the room pitch black. Worth the price.

8th January 2014 by Dan
Great eye mask

Having used a good quality eye mask for a couple of years, I tried the Sleep Mask and I am well impressed. Comfortable and,for the first time, I find that it totally blocks out the light.

10th December 2013 by Colin
It works

I bought this because I get migraine and needed total blackout. This product provided that. It has been a great help to me.

18th November 2013 by Fligle
Fantastic for sleep

Very comfy and totally blocks all light. Best sleep mask I've ever had (by far). Great Value and I couldn't live without it.

26th September 2013 by James D
Life changing!!!

i sleep badly, I am restless and i toss and turn most nights. the eye mask helps enormously and I know only wake a couple of times a night (normally as it has slipped off!!!) so comfortable and so pleasant to wear. Great product, in fact I bought two!!

19th September 2013 by Alex Dymock
Dark Dark nights

Brilliant, comfortable is not the word, they are literally so good, you dont even know you are wearing them. Best bit (apart from they completly block out all light) is that they dont squash your nose, so you can breath freely. These are great

13th September 2013 by Steven Drewett
Terrific mask

I got this mask after it was recommended on several blogs. I am a very light and bad sleeper, who is very sensitive to any kind of light when I [try to] sleep. This mask is terrific; it blocks out light, while being very comfortable and non-constricting. What more could you ask, [except to be able to fall asleep without needing one]?!

I would also like to say a word complimenting the exceptional customer service of TheJetRest.com. Email inquiries were answered promptly, the delivery was very quick and the mask was well packaged for shipment. I would definitely order from them again and recommend them highly to others.

Thanks, TheJetRest.com for helping me sleep better.

4th September 2013 by A. O'Connor
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