Tempur Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic

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The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock showing free earplugsThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock showing free earplugs
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The Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock showing free earplugsThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stockThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stockThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stockThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stockThe Sleep Mask - by Tempur-Pedic from UK stock showing box

The Sleep Mask by Tempur is a beautifully designed and exclusively USA made Tempur-Pedic eye mask which is now available for purchase direct from our UK stock and comes with FREE EARPLUGS.

  • Genuine TEMPUR memory foam, the pressure relieving material that conforms to your body.
  • The TEMPUR Eye Mask conforms to the contours of your face for maximum comfort and relief from sleep disrupting light.
  • Soft velour cover is allergen and mite resistant.
  • Elasticated strap with Velcro closure provides a snug, adjustable fit.
  • Dark blue colour.
  • Mask measures approximately 21cm wide and 7cm tall.

These genuine TEMPUR-PEDIC eye masks have been shipped direct to our warehouse in the UK ready for despatch to all our customers.  They are the genuine branded item and are normally extremely difficult to purchase outside the USA.

We love the Tempur eye masks as they contour to the face and, as the TEMPUR "foam" insides warm to the body, they seem to mold perfectly to the shape of a face around the eyes. We love the weight, not too heavy but heavy enough to provide true comfort whether sleeping while travelling or at home in bed.

TEMPUR-PEDIC's exclusive technology is recognised by NASA and certified by the foundation.

Are these genuine TEMPUR-PEDIC Sleep Masks ?

Yes. We ship the stock direct from the USA to be sold here exclusively for our customers.

Are there any colour choices for the sleep mask ?

No. Tempur sleep masks are only available in the lovely dark navy blue colour.

How heavy are the eye masks ?

Approximately 62gms each.

I love this item
I have now bought 4 of these as they are so good. 2 for xmas presents and a second one for myself for when the first one is being washed.
16th November 2015 by Kate
Best eye mask ever!
Love love love this eye mask. I have gone through a number of them so far and they have all fallen short, either let in too much light or make me sweat during the night. This one is the most comfortable, the best at totally shutting light out and most importantly, does not make me sweat!! Very pleased with it and worth paying the extra.
11th November 2015 by Kisig
No regrets
This is the best sleep mask I have come across. The mask is so structured that it is soft and conforms to the face/cheeks. There is no light leakage and nor does it inhibit blinking. Well worth the money.
1st September 2015 by P
Exceeded all expectations
Bought myself a tempur sleep mask after reading several gushing reviews. Amazing product..... It's like a cuddle in a mask the fact that you can open your eyes and still be cocooned in total darkness by the softest most comfortable mask. Bought it for bright mornings after waking at 4.00. Had to buy another to share the feeling after singing its praises to family. Need to buy more for gifts 100% recommend 100% satisfied
19th August 2015 by
Great sleep
I really love this eye mask. It blocks out every bit of light. It is very soft and comfortable and just moulds to your face. I thought that at first it would be too bulky, but it is not. I have had great night sleeps since using this product. Don't think that I could go without it now.
12th August 2015 by Jenny
Problem solved
After waking at 4.30 from sunlight I can now sleep until the alarm with this amazingly comfortable sleep mask. Used recently on a long haul flight was able to shut out all the lights and slept for first time ever on a plane. Will be buying more for gifts
27th July 2015 by
I wish I'd bought this ages ago. Went for the more expensive version and glad I did after being woken by the dawn every morning. mask is so comfortable and doesn't make me sweat at all. Blocks out all light completely. Love it.
30th June 2015 by Cal
Tempur eye mask
Fantastic product. I recently got a new job in a senior position at an 80 bedded care home on nights. The eye mask is so comfortable to wear and really works. I have also found out that if you put it in the fridge for a short while, it really relaxes tired eyes, would recommend this to anyone
29th June 2015 by Philip Leverett
Tranquil sleep
I have trouble sleeping and often wake in the night from the smallest amount of light, which can sometimes distort when you're half asleep, so I started using sleep masks. The tempur mask really exceeded my expectations.. The mask creates complete black out with padding around the outer of the eye, leaving room for you to open your eyes and see nothing. The adjustable velcro strap means it stays on all night and unlike the elastic ones. So now even if I do wake up in the night. I see nothing and roll over :)
28th June 2015 by
I love this
I tend to sleep during the day, instead of at night. This mask is ideal as it keeps me in the dark. ;-)
2nd June 2015 by Kate
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