Personalised Luggage Strap (World Scout Jamboree Style)

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Personalised Luggage Straps help spot your case at the airport for the World Scout Jamboree and these special luggage straps are designed to show the name of your Scout and Guide Group and the individual name of the traveller on the strap.

  • Personalised Luggage Strap.
  • Features your Scout or Guide Group Name.
  • Boldly showing your personal name or nickname or slogan.
  • Choice of strap and text colours.
  • Featured Japanese lettering.
  • British Made suitcase strap.
  • 180cm or longer sizes.

** click the options to redeem or refer to the FAQ's for group order discount codes **

£7.95  + delivery from £2.95

If yes please select a colour for the text.

25 character max
25 character max

Finding your luggage at the airport for the World Scout Jamboree 23WSJ can be a nightmare when up to 40,000 people converge at the airport with their luggage.

A Guide leader called us and asked if we could supply specially created luggage straps for her own group and we created this specially designed strap as a result which is now on offer for all Scout Groups or individuals wanting to order a suitcase strap for the 23WSJ.

Each personalised strap is intended to make your own luggage stand out at the airport which is why we are offering a range of brightly colour straps, the personalising of the straps with the Scout or Guide Group Regional Name and the name or nick-name of the person travelling.

We have also chosen to add the Japanese characters for "a spirit of unity" onto each suitcase strap to ensure you know for sure you have the right case and to act as a fond memory of the World Scout Jamboree for many years of travelling to come.

Can I get a better price if I order for our entire group ?

Yes. If you are ordering for the entire group of Scouts or Guides, we offer discounts based on the larger the number of straps you wanted to order.

How do I get the discounts when ordering for our entire group ?

Please place the order online for every individual strap that you would like for all the members (i.e. place an order for x1 strap for person 1, then continue shopping and add another x1 strap for the 2nd person and so on until you have reached the end of the order.  You have to order them this way so you can enter the personalised name of the person travelling.  Next, when you get to the checkout stage, you MUST enter one of the following "coupon codes" and click to apply the code to the order you place.  This discount cannot be retrospectively made so make sure you click the right buttons.  The higher the quantity on the order, the larger the discount you get.

Ordering 10 straps or more - enter code "23WSJ10" to get 10% discount.
Ordering 25 straps or more - enter code "23WSJ25" to get 25% discount.
Ordering 50 straps or more - enter code "23WSJ30" to get 30% discount.

Do the discounts and special offers apply to other products ?

No.  These discount codes only apply to this product and only for online orders.

Can I place my order on the phone with your customer service team or email the names of the travellers ?

Yes.  It is very important however that you place the order online if possible so that we avoid spelling mistakes for the travellers and group names. You can also email the precise details for the personalisation rather than telling us on the phone.

Can I change the text ?

You are free to enter any text or words into the 2 personalised fields for these straps and do not necessarily have to have your Scout or Guide Group name for example as we show in our example.  Nick-names or slogans can also be used as an example or even mobile phone numbers to help if lost.

What if my Group name needs more letters than available online ?

Please get in touch. We can accomodate any reasonable request though the more letters we use, the smaller they will appear on the strap. Phone us and we will change the limitation online to allow others to do from the current settings.

Do I have to have the Japanese lettering for "a spirit of unity" ?

Yes.  We have added this to identify this product specially for the World Jamboree even though this is not an official logo or sponsored product.  If you do not want this symbol, please order our normal personalised luggage strap product as featured on our web site.

Is the personalisation always on the black background shown in the image ?

Yes. All personalised text, no matter which colour or the colour of the strap is always on a black background part as shown online.

Directors Review of the World Jamboree Style Personalised Luggage Strap

The World Scout Jamboree is a massive global event attracting more than 40,000 Scouts and Guides from across the world and what a nightmare the luggage must be at the airport.

We made these personalised versions of our British Made Personalised Luggage Straps to feature the name of the Scout or Guide Group aswell as the name of the person travelling and offer the entire range of colour choices for the personalisation on the suitcase straps.

Adding the Japanese characters for "a spirit of unity" makes the luggage straps very unique and will create a lasting memory of the jamboree for many years to come for the traveller.

28th April 2015 by Michael Robinson
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