Travel Pillows


A Travel Pillow is a Neck Support Pillow used primarily for travelling or a compact cushion for sleeping on the move.  Read more for our checklist of key points that make a neck pillow perfect for travelling with or click straight into the products shown for all their benefits.

Our essentials for selecting a travel pillow would include asking yourself:

  • Is it the best neck pillow for the different places it may be used.
  • Is it made from comfortable fabrics and fibre fillings.
  • Is it more important that it rolls up and saves space when not in use.
  • Will it be used time and again or is it for a one-off special journey.
  • Is it a gift or am I using it personally.
  • Can it be used on any high backed seat like a plane or car seat or will the travel pillow also be good to use flat while camping or in a hotel.
  • Can the covers be removed for washing.
  • Can my whole family share it or is it cost effective to buy one each as sharing is so inconvenient.
  • We get asked the question which is the best travel pillow or travel cushion for planes and cars so many times though always have a very easy answer and that is The JetRest British Made Travel Pillow.

Take a look at the benefits by looking at the travel pillow on our site as there are many. The JetRest cushions the head upright naturally and helps to avoid neck strain. It uses the body's own weight to hold it in place and there is no need to lean against a window. The JetRest is made from luxurious fabric, has removable covers for cleaning and we manufacture the pillow here in the UK.

How I invented The JetRest... a personal story from Michael Robinson at Clear Prospects Ltd.

In 1994 I was backpacking around the world; I made 14 flights in 12 months and have no idea how many thousands of miles I travelled on coaches across India and Australia in particular. I was 24 and left an 8-year career with Barclays Bank as knew there had to be more to life.

I have so many stories as you'd imagine though one thing for sure was I never gained any comfort using an inflatable u-shaped travel pillow.

2 years abroad and after the expensive patent I designed and launched The JetRest as my own personal travel cushion.

Travel Pillows need to be comfortable, more so than a cushion from home. As the L-shape worked for me, I thought that The JetRest needed to be made in really soft fabrics and not plastic. Fibre filling was the next challenge and after literally months of searching I found a manufacturer in the UK with a super soft yet really springy fibre that is also hypo-alergenic so wont have people sneezing. Of course it also passes the UK fire tests (BS5852).

Months of research, designing my brand, looking at packaging and now, years later, The JetRest is surely the best travel pillow around.

Thank you for your support.

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