The JetRest Original Travel Pillow - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free The JetRest Travel Pillow that cushions the head upright naturally and is made from soft fabrics and luxury fibre filling that compacts down when travelling.

  • Buy 1 get 1 Free Offer Pack.
  • British Made.
  • Unique patented L-shaped neck pillow.
  • Supports the head in an upright position.
  • Works on any high backed seat (planes, trains, coaches and cars).
  • Removeable covers for cleaning.
  • Polyester fibre filling (BS5850 approved).
  • Rolls up with fastening strap to save space.
  • Comes in many fabric and colour choices.

Order x1 unit online and we will deliver 2 items automatically.  
If you order x2 online, you get 4 units delivered and so on.
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The JetRest Neck Pillow is designed as a travel pillow to cushion the head upright naturally on any high backed seat such as a plane, train, coach or car seat.

The JetRest Travel Pillow was designed specifically to be used against taller seats and stays in place simply by leaning back against the seat. The body's own weight pins the cushion naturally to the seat back and supports the head and neck as you lol off to sleep.

Back in 2001 when we launched The JetRest, only inflatable travel pillows in a u-shaped or horse-shoe design were available which offer no side cusion for the face and neck which is why so many people suffer neck ache in-flight.

Space Saving tip:  The JetRest Neck Pillow rolls up by use of the fastening strap that is sewn onto the product.  We also sell a compression strap for travelling and compressing the pillow even more.

Cotton or Fleece covers - to be cool or warm ?

We have created many designs and cover options for The JetRest including cottons and fleeces. Cotton tends to be cooler and fleece warmer though both sell in equal numbers though men in general seem to prefer the cottons and ladies the fleece as a general neck pillow guide.

How does The JetRest stay in place on a seat ?

The JetRest stays in place with the body's own weight leaning back against the back of the product.  The unique L-Shape design means part of the travel cushion is behind your neck and simply by leaning back against this part, it stays in place.

Do I need a window seat for The JetRest travel pillow to work ?

No. The JetRest has a unique L-shape design and part fo the pillow is placed to the side of the head.  It stays put by leaning back against any high backed seat and the side part of the cushion is the part that will support your head upright naturally. You just turn it over to the other side if you want to rest the other way - your head can only go to one side at once!

Can I wash The JetRest ?

We advise that you take off the removeable cover and wash the cover only.  Each pillow has a care label inside that will show you how to care for your pillow though most of the covers including the cotton and fleece covers can be washed in the washing machine at home.  We do not recommend waching the inside pillow with the fibre filling. Water wont harm it but washing tends to change the shape of the contents inside and may therefore affect the way the pillow works.

Sooo comfortable

I bought the jetrest cushion for my recent trip to Hong Kong and it was perfect. Unlike the "donut " shaped cushions, it fits perfectly into the neck. I bought 2 & my friend adored hers, even though she was sceptical at first.
I need to buy a replacement as my son has " borrowed " mine for his trip to S. America !

1st February 2017 by Gill
Ideal for long flight or afternoon nap on sofa.

I am really pleased with this purchase and can't wait to use on my next flight. The holiday company changed my flight times which means I will be flying through the night. I find the full neck pillows uncomfortable so this pillow is just perfect. And as I purchased the extra lavender fragrance I'll hopefully have no trouble sleeping!

28th January 2017 by Chris
Most comfortable ever

The most comfortable and stabilising neck cushion ever. Good for long or short haul planes, coaches, in car travel and doubles up as a sun bed pillow on the beach or poolside. Wraps neatly around the strap of your in flight bag for carrying. Never loan it to a friend or you may never get it back although the buy one get one free offer made it an affordable Christmas present this year for several of my friends.

26th December 2016 by Jhs
Good quality well designed airplane pillow

Was pleased with the quality and value (got 2 for 1)....not travelled yet but feels like it will "do the job" and hopefully will get some sleep on the plane.

16th December 2016 by Jan W, Leeds
Love it

I fly frequently and this pillow is a life saver, get a seat next to the window, and snooze away with this bad boy, love it.

7th December 2016 by Gary Smith
Nice travel pillow

Very good quality and very comfortable.

17th November 2016 by Jerry
upgraded cushion for in flight comfort

I am so far pleased with the cushion ..I love the feel of the material and the pop of colour is cheerful..

17th November 2016 by shazza

I have using the travel pilliw for years and friends borrowed mine. So now I thought it about time to give a couple away

31st October 2016 by Bert
I'm so happy I bought this

An excellent product i got the buy 2 for one deal and I'm so glad that I did one pillow on its own is great for traveling but I always find hotel pillows uncomfortable and find it hard to sleep. Not this time. I attached my two travel pillows together with the Velcro fastening. Put them on top of the flat hotel pillow and hey presto. A perfect nights sleep

14th October 2016 by Sue
Very comfy worth every penny

I've not yet used the jet rest on a plane but I have in my living room and it is very comfy!!:)

22nd September 2016 by Natalie
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