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Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillow (U-Shaped)

5 out of 5
1 Review

UK Made

Organic Filling

Organic Option *


Buckwheat Neck Pillow is (35cm) U-Shaped with Organic filling by WheatyBags® offering support for the head and neck area. Perfect for both travel and home.

  • UK Made u-shaped pillow.
  • Filled with organic buckwheat.
  • Approx. 35cm x 35cm x 5cm.
  • Many fabric and colour options.
  • Optional personalised text.
  • Exceptional support for the head and neck.
  • Trusted WheatyBags® brand.

This super versatile U-Shape Neck Pillow from WheatyBags® is filled generously with triple screen cleaned, organic buckwheat husks. Manufactured in our factory in the UK, this exceptional buckwheat cushion offers phenomenal levels of support for the head and neck area and can make long and arduous journeys restful.

Buckwheat pillows have been very popular in the USA for many years due to their diverse range of uses. This stunning buckwheat cushion makes for an effective neck pillow, travel pillow, lumbar support and leg spacer; among other uses.

We manufacture all our buckwheat pillows using durable polycotton or cotton fabric that is designed to withstand consistent repeated use. We offer this lovely neck pillow in an assortment of striking colour options and fill each one with the optimum amount of buckwheat hulls, based on constructive customer feedback.

Organic buckwheat pillows can be a real investment in your long term health as they offer a level of comfort and support that a fibre or feather filling cushion simply cannot provide. Consistent use may even help to alleviate strains, aches and cramps associated with poor support.

If you're looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for a friend or family member, then please consider our personalisation options. We can personalise your Organic Buckwheat U-Shape Travel and Neck Pillow with a name, message or catchphrase of your choosing. Surprise that special someone with a truly memorable gift idea.


Customer Service Review of WheatyBags Organic Buckwheat U-Shape Travel and Neck Pillow - If you're having poor luck with your fibre, feather or memory foam pillow, then consider a buckwheat cushion. They don't collapse under the weight of your head and provide exceptional support for your neck. We've designed this pillow to a classic U-shape, which means it makes for an excellent neck pillow, travel cushion, lumbar support and leg spacer. We fill this cushion with 100% organic buckwheat hulls and use no synthetic fillings whatsoever. As is the case with our other buckwheat cushions, we manufacture this travel pillow in our British factory. Rest assured that we make each of our lovely cushions to the highest possible standards, using only the most robust and enduring polycotton and cotton fabric. Buy with full confidence.
By Lance Plachciak (Jun 2015)



This Organic Buckwheat Pillow is NOT intended to be used hot or heated in the microwave. Buckwheat Pillows are a sleeping pillow for comfort and rest whether in a chair or in bed.

Cleaning with removable cover option (where appropriate):

  • Remove the Inner Product from the outer fabric cover.
  • Do not wash or get the Inner Product contents wet.
  • Warm hand or delicate machine wash max. 40 degrees.
  • Wash with like colours or seperately by hand in warm water.
  • For best results, lay flat on a suitable surface to air-dry.

Cleaning without removable cover option:

  • Use a damp cloth or sponge to hand clean the Outer Product Fabric.
  • Do not get the inner contents wet.
  • Air dry before using the product.


Can Buckwheat Pillows be heated in the microwave?
No. Buckwheat pillows are intended for sleep and rest only and must never be heated or cooled.

Do the Pillows come with a removable cover ?
Removable covers are usually an optional extra though you will see whether they are included or an extra in the choices you make within this Product. We manufacture most of our products with the intention of keeping the price to you as low as possible and letting you choose any additional extras you would like.

What are buckwheat hulls used in the pillows?
Buckwheat Hulls are the outer husk of the all-natural buckwheat plants.  Buckwheat isn't actually wheat at all but a fruit and the husk is the outer parts of the hull that protects the wheat inside.  All our buckwheat is 100% natural, ir organic in the way it is produced and filtered and cleaned to the hightest standard.

How do Buckwheat Cushions feel ?
Buckwheat filled cushions have a firm feel though certainly not hard; the hulls inside move about just like a fibre filled cushion would and mold to shape as your body rests against the cushion.  All our buckwheat cushions will provide a firm support, far more so than a feather filled cushion or one with polyester fibre and they are definitely worth a try if you have never had one before as they are totally organic and natural.


The information below is for guidance. Actual delivery costs and dates depend on the delivery address, weight and time your order is placed. Cut-off time for Overnight Orders is 12 noon.

Price Method Manufacture Time Delivery Time Est. Delivery Date
£3.95 Royal Mail - 2nd Class 0-3 Days 2-4 Days Fri 31 Jan - Fri 7 Feb
£4.96 Royal Mail - 2nd Class 0-3 Days 2-4 Days Fri 31 Jan - Fri 7 Feb
£4.99 Royal Mail - 1st Class 0-3 Days 1-3 Days Thu 30 Jan - Thu 6 Feb
£4.99 Royal Mail - 1st Class 0-3 Days 1-2 Days Thu 30 Jan - Wed 5 Feb
£6.01 Royal Mail - 2nd Class 0-3 Days 2-3 Days Fri 31 Jan - Thu 6 Feb
£10.27 Courier - Economy (M-F Pre 6pm) 0-3 Days 2-3 Days Fri 31 Jan - Thu 6 Feb
£12.95 Courier - Overnight (M-F Pre 6pm) 0-3 Days 1-2 Days Thu 30 Jan - Wed 5 Feb
£14.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Pre 1pm) Same Day Next Working Day Thu 30 Jan
£14.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Saturday Pre 1pm) Monday This Saturday Sat 1 Feb
£24.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Pre 9am) Same Day Next Working Day Thu 30 Jan

More Information

Availability Available to Order
Despatch Today (Cut off time 3pm) (1-3 Days if Personalised) or Upgrade at Checkout for Overnight Delivery
Brand HappySnapGifts
RRP £14.95
Filling Buckwheat
Weight 650 g
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Tariff Code 10081000
Tariff Description Pillow - Buckwheat Filled with Fabric Cover


Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillow (U-Shaped)

5 out of 5
1 Review
Sales Badge - UK Made
RRP: £14.95


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