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Just had news in from our supplier of our flight socks that they are out of stock of the size 2's - gives me chance to look into sourcing and launching a new range which we intend for August so anyone interested in grabbing some remaining stock at half price should act now as Ive just dropped the price. Bargain !

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I've had a fabulous week off and travelled with The JetRest travel pillow to Edinburgh and Wales in this glorious weather .. oh and thankfully used MozzyOff on the bites I got mountain biking though after the event this time - the top of Snowdon was the last place I expected to get bitten at over 1000 metres !

So back to work this week and what a backlog of orders to process.  We dont normally close for holidays and had just sent out our news email to all our past customers offering a massive 50% off to encourage a visit back to our brand new...

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Wow how hot was this weekend just gone !?  I love it when the sun's out as for me it's time for more gardening and mountain biking.  What's that got to do with travel accessories and my web site ?

Simple really; the mosquito season is upon us and for me being out doors in the UK, never mind when I go on holiday means avoiding the midge and mosquito bites.  Mountain biking seems to be worst as we ride through some old boggy parts that are just swarming with biting inspects and I hate the itch they create.


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Travel Pillows 14 May 2010

We're all familiar with inflatable travel pillows that have been available since china started to send them to the west probably from before I was born in the 60's.  An inflatable travel pillow is possible better than nothing at all as I discovered back in 1992 when backpacking round the world... planes were bad enough but travelling for days on end across Australia were beyond my realms of comfort.

So how about a travel pillow that did everything I wanted, soft fabrics, comfy inner, and most importantly something to keep my head upright...

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