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The 100% silk eye mask is an excellent addition to our ever expanding eye mask range.

This luxurious alternative to our classic airline style eye mask is available in a range of rich colours and comes with a double elastic fastening and nose piece. The fabric feels wonderful to touch and provides  maximum comfort for those wanting to catch up on their sleep. [here]

Not only are the masks effective in blocking out light but they are also affordable and can be...

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This year we have helped to raise over £200 for charity through sales of our products.

Through the sales of our special travel accessories packages and travel pillows we are able to take donations each time and pass it on to some of our favourite charities.

We have offered our proud backing to the Everyman Campaign which is an excellent cause for raising awareness of male cancer. Every time someone purchases one of our great value Luxury Travel Kits a donation of £2.50 is made to the Everyman Charity, so not only do you get a fantastic...

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Our British made water bottle slings would be perfect for the all action traveller.

Be you walking or cycling this handy sling fits nicely around your shoulder and allows you to keep both hands free when out and about. The slings can be made with single or double elastic depending on your preference and are available in a range of colours.

They are low cost and effective and made from non woven polyprop which is a strong and durable material that uses elastic to fit around the bottle and ensures that it will be suitable for a range of different sizes...

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We have the brand new Powerfreakz portable charger available at the best price online.

The Powerfreaksz Evolution 3000 is a reliable solar powered device that will supply you with all the power you’ll need during the course of a busy day. That includes charging a mobile or smart phone up to 4 times or extending the use of an MP3 player by a staggering 48 hours. If you’re a gamer the solar charger can also add an extra 6 hours game time to the Nintendo DS Lite and Sony PSP so is great value for money.

This sleek and stylish charger works on...

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We have an exciting new luggage tag added to our range with this new super cool dog tag style metal luggage tag. Not only are the tags very tough and durable but they also look absolutely fantastic. [here]

If you are looking for a way to make your luggage easily identifiable and more secure then the dog tags could be the perfect addition to your travel accessories. The metallic tags are bound with a super strong metal cable tie and include a card inside to write down all your...

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