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We offer a wide range of airline style eye masks that can be fully personalised with the text of your choice. What better way to stand out from the crowd than with a product that is totally unique to you and printed with your name or favourite phrase. The masks can be fully personalised  in a variety of colours and as well as being excellent travel accessories they would also make great gifts for any friend or relative who may be travelling soon, or just someone in need of a good night’s sleep.

The airline style eye masks are one of our more...

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We are offering great 15-20% discounts on our new travel accessory kits and have been working hard to assemble some of our most popular items in to a range of travel kits. [here]


If you want something that is simple and affordable then why not have a look at The JetRest budget travel accessories kit. You can purchase all your travel essentials in one easy place and be well set for any plane ride or long trip. The offer includes our inflatable...

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This week we have a brand new addition to our product range with the excellent value Ultimate Travel Accessories kit and with a 25% discount.

Each kit contains our super popular JetRest travel pillow which is available in three different cosy fleece cover styles. The pillow is our own unique design and is fantastic for supporting your neck upright when sleeping and preventing head lolling.

You also receive a British made luggage strap which is great for securing suitcases and also we include a luxury moulded eye mask for getting some much needed sleep...

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The JetRest pillows are by far our most popular items due to their unique L-shape design and range of fabric and colour choices available. Not only are our pillows well loved by adults but they are also great for kids who can enjoy their own version of the pillow in our fantastic range of JetRest travel pillows for children. We offer the pillows in a choice of bright and comfy fleece fabrics which are sure to be loved by the little ones.

We all know how tiring travelling can be, especially on children who can suffer from the exhaustion of long journeys and...

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Here at The JetRest we stock a beautiful collection of Swarovsky decorated eye masks which add a bit of glamour to this conventional sleep aid.

The masks are available in several unique styles and would make a fantastic gift for frequent travellers, shift workers or just for everyday use as a more elegant way to get some much needed rest. [here]

There is the Swarovski Wings design which is an extremely popular choice due to the mix of stylish artwork and sparkling...

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