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With Mothers Day fast approaching many of you will be looking for something special to show mum you care. Here at the JetRest we have some wonderful products that offer something a little different and could be wonderful gifts for mum this year.

It is a well known fact that mums are a busy breed and what better way to show your support than to help her get some much deserved sleep. We have an excellent range of eye masks that come in some really beautiful designs, perfect for relaxation and sleep aid. [...

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Spring is finally here and I can only hope that the weather is about to pick up. Maybe some of you are set to go away on an Easter break or maybe just a much needed holiday to let your hair down and what better way to ensure peace of mind than investing in some personalised luggage straps.

Personalised luggage straps remain one of our most popular items and are a great way of protecting your belongings when on a long journey. We heat press the text of your choosing on to a black strip to ensure that it is highly visible and that it can be easily identified....

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We have excellent news for any of you soon to be escaping to hotter climates, with the arrival of the new Jungle Formula range of mosquito repellents.

There is something for everyone, be you needing a sensitive option for children with delicate skin or maybe you are in need of something a little stronger if you are flying further afield.

The products come in many different styles, including pump sprays, gels, roll ons, lotions and aerosols so whatever your preference you can find something to protect you from those pesky mosquitos and other biting...

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The weather is gruesome outside but we seem to have avoided snow here in Lancashire, for now anyway.

Valentines day is just round the corner so why not treat a loved one to the gift of sleep. We have a beautiful range of eye masks available from our ever popular JetRest luxury eye mask [here] to the brand new luxurious Plum & Ivory cashmere range we recently got in stock [here]. If you are looking for something...

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Hello from all of us at TheJetRest on this frightfully chilly morning. As I type this with frosty fingers I hope you are all well.

Despite the cold there has been a lot of interest in our Jetrest original travel pillows this week, which I can only assume means plenty of you are leaving frosty old England for warmer pastures. I have spoke to several customers in the past few days who have used the product for long haul flights and they swear by it. We all know how difficult it can be to get a moments sleep when travelling but the JetRest pillows really are a...

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