Blackout Eye Mask and 3D Sleep Mask

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Blackout Eye Mask and 3D Sleep Mask from The JetRest - All coloursBlackout Eye Mask and 3D Sleep Mask from The JetRest - All colours
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Blackout Eye Mask and 3D Sleep Mask from The JetRest - All coloursBlackout Eye Mask and 3D Sleep Mask from The JetRest - Royal BlueBlackout Eye Mask and 3D Sleep Mask from The JetRest - Butterfly on Tangerine

The JetRest Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Eye Mask; feather-light and expertly designed to allow free eye movement during sleep.

  • Contoured 3D design for total darkness.
  • Perfect for both travel and shift work.
  • Concave shape for free eye movement.
  • Stunning assortment of colours.
  • Feather-light and super comfortable.
  • One size fits all.
£2.95  + delivery from £2.95

The Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Eye Mask by The JetRest has been designed to improve your quality of life through deep, restful sleep. This convenient sleep aid is ideal for people that work shifts, travel frequently or those that require total darkness during sleep. This stunning eye mask has been designed to allow for free eye movement, during your REM cycle. This can help to provide a more deep, restful sleep leaving you feel refreshed and ready to roll come morning time.

This premium quality neoprene sleep mask is super comfortable, feather-light and effective regardless of the position you happen to sleep in. The Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Eye Mask is secured in place via a convenient elasticated band, which has a robust Velcro-style fastening. The contoured eye grooves and form fitting nose piece prevent light from seeping through the bottom of the mask. This ensures total darkness during sleep, which is an important factor in the production of melatonin as you rest. 

Each of our lovely sleep masks comes with a pair of premium foam earplugs and a handy storage pouch. The earplugs we offer are of a superior quality and come inside a plastic container with a keychain attachment. If you're always losing your earplugs, this container will be of great use to you. The convenient drawstring pouch we offer fits both your Contoured Sleep Mask and your earplug container, which makes it especially handy for both storage and travel. 

The Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Eye Mask has been a bestseller here at The JetRest since its inception. We offer this stunning eye mask in an assortment of beautiful colours and designs, so please choose carefully. 



Will the eye masks block out all light?

Yes. The Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Eye Mask is designed to provide maximum coverage across the eye and upper face area. The unique concave shape with integrated nose piece prevents light from seeping through.

Is this eye mask suitable for shift work?

Yes. This eye mask was designed with shift workers in mind, as well as travelers and restless sleepers.

Can I adjust the eye mask?

Yes. Our eye masks fasten behind the head with elastic that is also adjustbale by a hook and loop (velcro style) fastening to ensure the eye masks are comfortable on all shapes and sizes of head.

Can I wash the eye mask?

Yes. Please wash the eye mask by hand in lukewarm water. When washed, place the eye mask on a flat surface to dry and make sure the cupped shapes of the eye parts are nicely shaped for drying to maintain their effectiveness on next use. The pouch that comes with your eye mask can also be washed.

Can the eye masks be used by children?

The answer generally is yes they can though you may find that on small children their heads are simply too small and the mask will wrap around their heads and the eye pieces not fit over the eyes.

Can I personalise this eye mask ?

No. This eye mask cannot be personalised.

I love this eye mask

I've used this Jetrest eye mask before. It was so old that it wore out! I love the new one. It is very comfortable

22nd August 2018 by Mary Heath
Useful and beautiful

I love my sleepmask - it makes the quality of my rest so much better, I just drop off to dreamland in a trice. And the bright pink with black butterfly design is so cool!

16th August 2018 by Wendy
Fabulous eye masks

These eye masks are so comfortable. I have bought them for friends and family as they are the best I’ve come across.

27th July 2018 by Kim
A good night's sleep

My adult son has difficulty sleeping and uses eye sleep masks. This one is perfect. Keeps the light out and the 3 D shape makes it comfortable to wear all might. It is also very light. Luckily I took up the offer of a second at half price so we have a spare. Easy to order and fast delivery

11th July 2018 by Lizzie bearchair
No more summer sleepless nights

Excellent quality and comfortable really do block out the light. Ordering quick and easy and speedy delivery

3rd July 2018 by Stephanie
Great product

I've used these for years and they are brilliant! I could never get on with eye masks that press on your eyes, but because these don't, they are far more comfortable.It cuts out all light and you don't really notice you are wearing it.

6th June 2018 by
Eye mask

Love the pretty design... prompt and efficient service . Customer service also very helpful ... would recommend again

19th April 2018 by Frazer . Stratford Upon Avon
Blackout Eye Mask! I love them!

I've been using these for many years now and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone. They are so comfortable with indentations for your eyes and a very soft foam. I use these every day and wouldn't be without them.

30th March 2018 by Elizabeth McLean
Sleeping much better!

This is an excellent eye-mask for anyone with long eyelashes, as it is fully shaped, so your lashes don't get flattened by the mask. Blocks out most light and allows a decent night's sleep.

27th November 2017 by Catherine
Top class eye mask

Really delighted with this product- effective, comfortable and rather snazzy in the tangerine with butterflies!

23rd November 2017 by Wendy
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