TSA Luggage Strap with Key Lock from The JetRest (Green)

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The JetRest TSA Key Lock Luggage Strap with keyThe JetRest TSA Key Lock Luggage Strap with key
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The JetRest TSA Key Lock Luggage Strap with keyThe JetRest TSA Key Lock Luggage Strap with key closeupThe JetRest TSA Key Lock Luggage Strap in use

The JetRest Key Locking TSA Luggage Strap in bright green colour to make your luggage stand out at the airport and be safely locked to deter theft.

  • TSA approved key lock.
  • Matching buckle and webbing.
  • Superbright green webbing.
  • Minimise time spent at baggage claim.
  • 180cm long x 5cm size suitcase belt.

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The JetRest TSA Key Lock Luggage Strap features a secure, robust key lock that is approved by Travel Sentry - the global standard for travel security. Integrated TSA functionality allows authorised airport security personnel to access your case for inspection, without brute forcing their way in.

Each strap features a superbright green webbing with a matching green buckle. This durable luggage strap is designed to withstand the bumps and bruises associated with airport baggage systems. Minimise the time spent at baggage claim with The JetRest TSA Key Lock Luggage Strap.

This premium travel accessory is 180cm x 5cm in size, but is fully adjustable to fit smaller luggage such as duffel bags. If you're at all concerned regarding the size of this suitcase belt, we recommend measuring your luggage. 

Is this luggage strap adjustable?

Yes. 180cm is the maximum size, but this strap can be made smaller to fit duffel bags and other smaller luggage.

Is this strap approved by Travel Sentry?

Yes. This luggage strap features the Red Diamond - a symbol of compliance with the TSA.

Does this suitcase belt come with a spare key?

No. Only one key is provided.

Top marks for this key lock strap

I travel to America a lot on business, so having a TSA compliant luggage lock is very important to me. Suffice to say, this strap looks great and keeps my luggage extra secure.

I no longer have to worry about my case breaking open due to the added contingency a luggage strap provides.

Much recommended due to the great quality.

15th July 2016 by Brian Burton
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