Sleep Masks


Sleep Masks are an essential travel accessory for sleep that can be used when on holiday or at home or simply anywhere you need to sleep.  Sleep masks help block out the light and rest the eyes and over the years we have fine-tuned which sleep masks are the best.

Choosing a sleep mask sounds a simple enough task but it's important when making your choice that you consider; will it fit right and not be too tight and will it really help block out the light when closing the eyes.  Getting the right fit is important as if your sleep mas is too tight then it can pucker and make gaps appear around the nose which may stop some of the light-blocking from happening so choose a mask that's adjustable if you can.

Fabric is also important when considering a good sleep mask.  It should not let light through it or at least block as much light as possible.  Many people complain if an eye mask lets in the light so what we are talking about here is that the mask doesn't let the light come through the fabric itself.  The side of the nose is always a place where many sleep masks will help to fit snugly around the nose but, let's face it (so to speak) everyone's nose is so different and no sleep mask will fit 100% to the face and side of the nose.  Just expect your sleep mask to help block the light through the fabric and you will be fine.

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