The JetRest Childrens Travel Pillow (Toffee Cat Neck Pillow)

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The JetRest Childrens Travel Pillow is designed to cushion the head upright naturally and can be used on any high backed seat such as a car or plane or even on the sofa at home or a buggy.

  • The JetRest Childrens Neck Pillow.
  • Small size for children.
  • Wonderful Toffee Cat design with optional matching carry case.
  • Uniquely supports the childs head upright when travelling and sleeping.
  • Removeable covers for cleaning.
  • Made in lovely soft fleece fabric.
  • Rolls up to save space when not in use.
£16.95  + delivery from £2.95

The JetRest Childrens Travel Pillow is the same shape as our adult version except made much smaller for children to act as their Childrens Neck Pillow.

This Childrens Neck Pillow is perfect for use on any seat or chair where the child can rest the back of their head and their small necks allow a small amount of natural pressure to hold the pillow in place.

By cushioning the head more upright naturally, the child will sleep much more comfortably and this will in turn help prevent their heads lolling forwards as often happens.

Invariably we find the pillow works very well in booster seats or buggies even and the Toffee Cat design helps them make friends with their new pillow when travelling and settles the child in better when using the new pillow while trying to sleep.

Testing has proved that The JetRest Travel Cushion made smaller as a childrens neck pillow, and made in our sumptuously soft (100% Polyester) fleece works a treat with the little ones on any high backed seat. Try it in the car, the plane, or even at home.

The JetRest Junior comes as Toffee (cat) and Scamp (dog) though of course your children can name the character themselves. Tried and tested with children over 2 years old on plaines, trains, coaches, cars and simply at home watching the TV.

What age is The JetRest Junior suitable for ?

We have designed The JetRest Junior for children over the age of 2 years old. It will best for when they are slightly older but we find once the child knows what to do with the cushion (with parental encouragement !!) it is perfect from this age onwards.  There isn't really an upper age limit at all and find some adults of smaller stature love to use this smaller product as they have smaller heads and necks.

Is The JetRest Junior washable ?

Yes, in the same way as the original adult version, we recommend removing the covers from the main pillow for washing.  Don't wash the inner pillow with the fibre filling as it tends to distort and spoil the shape and how effective it is at supporting the head though water wont do it any harm if it gets wet anyway.

Does The JetRest Junior work on all seats including the car ?

The JetRest, whether the original adult version of the Junior have all been designed specifically to work on any high backed seat.  This means they are great for use at home watching tv, in the car, the coach or plane.  Basically the pillow will work so long as you can lean back at head hight.

My grandson couldn't wait to use it and loved the animal design

A lot of thought has gone into this quality product.

25th July 2016 by RSJ
Comfortable travel

The travel pillows were a great success with the girls, 5 and 8. Good design, good quality and, very important, communication with HQ was excellent.

14th December 2011 by Mavis S
Two very excited children!

Who are very eager to use Toffee on a flight to the US this summer.
I hope they will enjoy their pillows as much as I like using mine!

25th June 2011 by shaheenferguson
Cute and comfy cat

My 10 year old son loved the Jetrest pillow. Very comfortable and just the right size.

1st December 2010 by averthan
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