180cm - Navy Blue
180cm - Navy Blue (Personalised with Text)
- 250cm - Navy Blue
- 250cm - Navy Blue (Personalised with Text)
- 300cm - Navy Blue
- 300cm - Navy Blue (Personalised with Text)
180cm - Black
180cm - Black (Personalised with Text)
- 250cm - Black
- 250cm - Black (Personalised with Text)
- 300cm - Black
- 300cm - Black (Personalised with Text)
180cm - Royal Blue
180cm - Royal Blue (Personalised with Text)
- 250cm - Royal Blue
- 250cm - Royal Blue (Personalised with Text)
- 300cm - Royal Blue
- 300cm - Royal Blue (Personalised with Text)
180cm - Green
180cm - Green (Personalised with Text)
- 250cm - Green
- 250cm - Green (Personalised with Text)
- 300cm - Green
- 300cm - Green (Personalised with Text)
180cm - Silver Grey
180cm - Silver Grey (Personalised with Text)
- 250cm - Silver Grey
- 250cm - Silver Grey (Personalised with Text)
- 300cm - Silver Grey
- 300cm - Silver Grey (Personalised with Text)
180cm - Red
180cm - Red (Personalised with Text)
- 250cm - Red
- 250cm - Red (Personalised with Text)
- 300cm - Red
- 300cm - Red (Personalised with Text)
180cm - White
180cm - White (Personalised with Text)
- 250cm - White
- 250cm - White (Personalised with Text)
- 300cm - White
- 300cm - White (Personalised with Text)
180cm - Yellow
180cm - Yellow (Personalised with Text)
- 250cm - Yellow
- 250cm - Yellow (Personalised with Text)
- 300cm - Yellow
- 300cm - Yellow (Personalised with Text)

Open Ended Tough Straps (Luggage Straps or other uses)

5 out of 5
3 Reviews

UK Made


Open Ended Luggage Straps that are sewn open ended and Made in the UK in such a way that they can be used to strap the smallest size through to the largest size of the strap length.

  • Open ended strap ties.
  • Standard 180cm x 5cm length.
  • Tough nylon webbing.
  • Strong black clips.
  • Made to order.
  • Width and length options.
  • Strap colour choices.
  • Trusted JetRest® brand.

Tough Nylon Open Ended Straps for luggage and suitcases and for many uses in therapy where a loop is needed on the end of a long strap.

These straps are all made to order in the UK and to any length, they come in a range of colours of choice and can be made as 25mm or 50mm widths depending on the use you intend them for.

Please order a single unit if you have an intended purpose for the straps to test them yourself before ordering more as our clips are not load bearing for heavy weights and you need to be sure that the straps and clips are as strong as we think they certainly are.


Use as Exercise Strap - Perfect as exercise strap for doing stretches, particularly with legs. Excellent quality. Delivery very prompt.
By anonymous (Aug 2017)
Tough straps were well worth - I purchased three straps in the end for our holiday luggage, well worth the money, had our surnames printed on the label, and when they popped out on the luggage belt at the airport we spotted them straight away.
By Stephen (Aug 2016)
Directors Review of the Open Ended Luggage Straps - We were asked to make these open ended straps for a therapists use where one end of the strap would loop around a persons foot and the other end is pulled upon to create tension in the therapy the client gave to her clients. Open ended straps are a completely versatile UK Made strap that has so many uses around the home or work-place though we urge you to buy one to test depending on the use you intend for the product first and perhaps compare it to a traditional luggage strap that is sewn into a loop.
By Michael Robinson (Nov 2015)


How do these open ended straps differ to normal luggage straps ?

A traditional luggage strap is sewn in a loop and this is adjusted to fit around the suitcase. Open ended straps are not sewn to the buckle on the end so they can be looped around items of any size up to the length of the strap.

Do the straps lock onto the product we wrap around ?

No. The straps can be used in a loop and pulled tight to the item they wrap around but there is no locking mechanism just the same as a luggage strap which relied on the tightness of the strap holding itself in place.

Can I have my straps made to a different length than the 180cm standard ?

Yes. We have many length options online though if you need a longer length please contact us for a quote.


The information below is for guidance. Actual delivery costs and dates depend on the delivery address, weight and time your order is placed. Cut-off time for Overnight Orders is 12 noon.

Price Method Manufacture Time Delivery Time Est. Delivery Date
£2.95 Royal Mail - 2nd Class 0-3 Days 2-3 Days Fri 25 Oct - Thu 31 Oct
£3.95 Royal Mail - 2nd Class 0-3 Days 2-4 Days Fri 25 Oct - Fri 1 Nov
£3.95 Royal Mail - 1st Class 0-3 Days 1-2 Days Thu 24 Oct - Wed 30 Oct
£4.99 Royal Mail - 1st Class 0-3 Days 1-3 Days Thu 24 Oct - Thu 31 Oct
£10.02 Courier - Economy (M-F Pre 6pm) 0-3 Days 2-3 Days Fri 25 Oct - Thu 31 Oct
£12.95 Courier - Overnight (M-F Pre 6pm) 0-3 Days 1-2 Days Thu 24 Oct - Wed 30 Oct
£12.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Pre 1pm) Monday Next Working Day Fri 25 Oct
£14.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Saturday Pre 1pm) Monday This Saturday Sat 26 Oct
£24.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Pre 9am) Monday Next Working Day Fri 25 Oct
£25.00 Courier - Economy (M-F Pre 6pm) 0-3 Days 2-4 Days Fri 25 Oct - Fri 1 Nov

More Information

Availability Available to Order
Despatch Today (Cut off time 3pm) or 1-3 Days if Personalised (Overnight Delivery Options)
Brand The JetRest
RRP £5.99
Weight 137 g
Approximate Dimensions 5cm x 180cm x 0cm
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Tariff Code 6307909899
Tariff Description Luggage Strap - Woven Webbing


Open Ended Tough Straps (Luggage Straps or other uses)

5 out of 5
3 Reviews
Sales Badge - 25% Off
Sales Badge - UK Made
RRP: £5.99


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