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Personalised Luggage Strap - Specialised for Buggy's & Strollers

5 out of 5
3 Reviews

UK Made


The JetRest® Personalised Buggy Straps are made to hold your stroller pram together in transit and stand out in the crowd when collecting your childs pram.

  • One size fits all buggy strap.
  • Strong nylon strap with double velcro style fastening.
  • Many colour options.
  • Personalised with your details.
  • Trusted JetRest® brand

When travelling with our toddler and her buggy we found that the airlines will throw all buggies around until you collect them. The plastic fastening from the manufacturer on our buggy broke ages ago and when we collected it from the airport, all the strollers were in a huge tangled bundle on a cart. No way could we find it and eventually realised that ours had been buried among many and they had all tangled up at the wheels.

What better solution then than a bright strong strap, made to fit all strollers by way of adjustable velcro style fastenings and personalised with mine or our childs name and our phone number. The strap worked first time and am so pleased that the product is now available as the travel accessory for parents with toddlers on The JetRest®.


travel strap for push chair - Arrived on time and was worth it. Kept the pram secure and made it easy identifiable when collecting at baggage after flight. Strong and the velcro is very grippy,like the extra anchor point to attach to the pram
By heather morrison (Sep 2018)
Keeps pram in place - Very good. Holds pram together really well. Looks stylish.
By Jo (Sep 2017)
Amazingly strong strap for our stroller - I love this personalised strap for my childs stroller.  Taking the buggy abroad almost always involves stress finding it at the airport on arrival and they are usually such a mess.  This makes ours really stand out (we ordered a yellow strap for the black pram) and better still it held it all together and there was absolutely no damage from the airline. The perfect travel accessory for travelling with a toddler.  5 stars.
By Jane Franciso (Mar 2017)


Is the buggy strap adjustable ?

Yes. The adjusting in strap length is donw by velcro style fastenings. One end fastens to the buggy itself, wrap it wround the buggy and fasten tight with the long length of velcro style fastening thats attached to the strap.

Can I personalise with my name and number ?

Yes. We offer a fixed amount of lettering on 2 lines of text and you can put on there anything you like, perhaps your name and address, a phone number or just a funny slogan, we don't mind.

Is the Buggy Strap the same as a Luggage Strap ?

No. Luggage straps tend to have lockable buckles at either end. The Buggy Strap uses velcro style fastenings in long lengths to make sure it's fully adjustable for all strollers and can be applied in a rush and easily made tight.


The information below is for guidance. Actual delivery costs and dates depend on the delivery address, weight and time your order is placed. Cut-off time for Overnight Orders is 12 noon.

Price Method Manufacture Time Delivery Time Est. Delivery Date
£1.99 Royal Mail - 2nd Class 1-3 Days 2-3 Days Wed 18 Dec - Mon 23 Dec
£2.95 Royal Mail - 1st Class 1-3 Days 1-3 Days Tue 17 Dec - Mon 23 Dec
£9.97 Courier - Economy (M-F Pre 6pm) 1-3 Days 2-3 Days Wed 18 Dec - Mon 23 Dec
£12.95 Courier - Overnight (M-F Pre 6pm) 1-3 Days 1-2 Days Tue 17 Dec - Fri 20 Dec
£12.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Pre 1pm) Monday Next Working Day Tue 17 Dec
£14.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Saturday Pre 1pm) Monday This Saturday Sat 21 Dec
£24.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Pre 9am) Monday Next Working Day Tue 17 Dec
£25.00 Courier - Economy (M-F Pre 6pm) 1-3 Days 2-4 Days Wed 18 Dec - Tue 24 Dec
£29.95 Royal Mail - Special Delivery (Saturday Pre 9am) Monday This Saturday Sat 21 Dec

More Information

Availability Available to Order
Despatch 1-3 Days (to Personalise) or Upgrade at Checkout for Overnight Delivery
Brand The JetRest
Weight 48 g
Approximate Dimensions 5cm x 100cm x 0cm
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Tariff Code 6307909899
Tariff Description Luggage Strap - Woven Webbing


Personalised Luggage Strap - Specialised for Buggy's & Strollers

5 out of 5
3 Reviews
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Sales Badge - UK Made
RRP: £9.95


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