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Toffee Cat Kids Travel Pillow

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BS5852 : 1988

Hypo-Allergenic Filling


The JetRest® Kids Travel Pillow is designed to cushion the head upright naturally and can be used on any high backed seat such as a car or plane or even on the sofa at home or a buggy.

  • The JetRest® Kids Neck Pillow.
  • Small size for children.
  • Wonderful Toffee Cat design with optional matching carry case.
  • Uniquely supports the child's head upright when travelling and sleeping.
  • Removeable covers for cleaning.
  • Made in lovely soft fleece fabric.
  • Rolls up to save space when not in use.
  • Trusted JetRest® brand

The JetRest® Kids Travel Pillow is the same shape as our adult version except made much smaller for children to act as their Childrens Neck Pillow.

This Childrens Neck Pillow is perfect for use on any seat or chair where the child can rest the back of their head and their small necks allow a small amount of natural pressure to hold the pillow in place.

By cushioning the head more upright naturally, the child will sleep much more comfortably and this will in turn help prevent their heads lolling forwards as often happens.

Testing has proved that The JetRest® Travel Cushion made smaller as a childrens neck pillow, and made in our sumptuously soft (100% Polyester) fleece works a treat with the little ones on any high backed seat. Try it in the car, the plane, or even at home.

The JetRest Junior comes as Toffee (cat) though of course your children can name the character themselves. Tried and tested with children over 2 years old on planes, trains, coaches, cars and simply at home watching the TV.


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My grandson couldn't wait to use it and loved the animal design - A lot of thought has gone into this quality product. (RSJ)
Comfortable travel - The travel pillows were a great success with the girls, 5 and 8. Good design, good quality and, very important, communication with HQ was excellent. (Mavis S)
Two very excited children! - Who are very eager to use Toffee on a flight to the US this summer. I hope they will enjoy their pillows as much as I like using mine! (anonymous)
Cute and comfy cat - My 10 year old son loved the Jetrest pillow. Very comfortable and just the right size. (anonymous)


We recommend you do not machine wash this cushion.

  • The cushions are filled with a luxury polyester fibre that creates a lovely "loftiness" in other words it will bounce back to life time and again.
  • If you wash the cushion in the washing machine, the fibres tend to move about and clump up which will spoil your cushion.
  • The print on the outer cushion will not run.
  • Cleaning with a damp sponge or cloth will be the best way to clean off any dirt on the cushion and this won't harm the cushion.


How does the pillow stay in place on a seat?

The JetRest® stays in place with the body's own weight leaning back against the back of the product.  The unique L-Shape design means part of the travel cushion is behind your neck and simply by leaning back against this part, it stays in place.

Do I need a window seat for the travel pillow to work?

No. The JetRest® has a unique L-shape design and part fo the pillow is placed to the side of the head.  It stays put by leaning back against any high backed seat and the side part of the cushion is the part that will support your head upright naturally. You just turn it over to the other side if you want to rest the other way - your head can only go to one side at once.

What type of Fibre is used to fill our cushion & pillow Products?

Generally speaking, we use a luxury, spiral twisted and smooth-coated polyester fibre (Lux.) to fill our cushion products.  Normal fibre can become lumpy over time but ours will bounce back time and again and has the benefit of being Hypoallergenic.

Does the Lux. Fibre have a Fire Rating?

Yes. We buy our fibre only from a trusted UK source that has their fibre meet the Furniture (Fire) (Safety) Regulations (BS5852).  We regularly obtain updated certificates to check the latest batches meet the current requirements.

What happens if the Lux. Fibre gets wet or is washed in the machine?

No harm will come to the polyester fibre in theory, getting it wet is inadvisable though don't panic, just dry it out normally at room temperature though don't put it in the dryer.  We found on testing that if you do put the cushion in the washing machine, it will dry out ok though the tumbling in the washing machine tends to make the fibres all clump together and become less evenly spaced in the cushion.

What are the Organic Fabric Options?
Where shown, this product has an Organic Fabric Option. We purchase organic fabric from trusted UK Fabric Merchants who are registered under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to enable full traceability of the fabric we use through to the final product you are purchasing today.

Can this product be washed?

Please refer to the "Instructions" tab for detailed information on cleaning this product and any care label sewn into the product itself.


The information below is for guidance. Actual delivery costs and dates depend on the delivery address, weight and time your order is placed. Cut-off time for Overnight Orders is 12 noon.

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Despatch Today (Cut off time 3pm M-F)
Brand The JetRest®
RRP £19.99
Filling Fibre
Country of Origin China
SKU FGPIL020(Toffee)
Tariff Code 9404909000
Tariff Description Travel Pillow - Filled with Polyester Fibre
Product Weight 208 g
Product Dimensions 42 x 25 x 12cm
Product Options
OptionToffee Cat
Filling100% Polyester Fibre
Toffee Cat Kids Travel Pillow
- Toffee Cat
208 g
42 x 25 x 12cm


Toffee Cat Kids Travel Pillow

Average 5/5
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