Personalised Combination Luggage Strap

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 77 customer reviews.

The JetRest Personalised Combination Luggage Straps printed with a name of your choice.

  • Personalised with your own text.
  • Durable lock design.
  • Set a unique combination code.
  • 50mm wide.
  • Standard 180cm long.
  • 4 striking colour options.

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18 character max

If yes please select a colour for the text.

Make your airport experience a seamless one with our stunning Personalised Combination Luggage Straps. Printed in a super bold, super clear font, these remarkable straps are easily identifyable and can be quickly spotted at the carousel. 

The JetRest Personalised Combination Luggage Straps come in four striking colours for you to choose from. Exclusive to our combination suitcase strap range is a stunning pink colourway, as well as a classic striped variation for super visibility.

We offer these stunning straps in a standard 180cm length, which can be expanded or contracted accordingly. We recommend measuring your luggage before buying to ensure that our standard length is suitable for your requirements. 

Personalised Combination Luggage Straps make for a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea and are perfect for frequent flyers. The robust and durable combination lock ensures peace of mind during transit, providing you with that much needed reassurance during travel.


If you order "1" item in your quantity and choose "yes" to the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" special offer, you will get a total of 3 products.

If you order "2" item in your quantity and choose "yes" to the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" special offer, you will get a total of 6 products.


How are the straps printed?

We heat press your text on to a black strip which is then sewn carefully on to the strap to make a durable and strong personalisation for your straps.

Do the straps come in any other colour choices?

No. These particular straps only come in the colours shown however we do have other products available that come in different colours.

Will the straps be suitable for smaller cases?

Yes, the straps will adjust down from 180cm so will be able to fit any case that is smaller than this.

How do I set the combination lock number?

  • Your combination lock will be set to 0-0-0 when first purchased.
  • To change the combination, first open the lock using the combination 0-0-0.
  • Press and hold the round button on the inside whilst changing the numbers.
  • Only release the button when you are satisfied with the new number.
  • Please do not forget your new combination as there is no master re-set available.


Eye catching

Having just returned from holiday, l can say that the bright/eye catching luggage strap performed well and aided in retrieving our luggage. The combination lock kept our belongings safe.

17th March 2017 by Lindy

We have used this company before. Needed two more personalised luggage straps. No problems and delivered as promised.

13th March 2017 by Meander
Finding your luggage

As a solo traveller I dread standing at the carousel waiting for my suitcase. This luggage strap eases worries and is also a talking point.

6th January 2017 by Marilyn
Personalised luggage straps

These were a present for a young lady who travels quite a lot and she tells us that the bright straps with initials do help her to spot her bags much more easily. Also, the rapid response to our order at Xmas time was much appreciated.

6th January 2017 by
Kids loved it

Great little purchase and good value.

2nd January 2017 by Daniel Wilson
Personalised luggage straps

Items arrived quickly and personalised as requested. Are of good quality and locking device easy to set up and work. All good.

31st December 2016 by Pete Holton
Hoping to keep the case safe

My father has had his case go missing on his last 2 holidays!! We are delighted with the luggage strap with his name on & hope it will be quicker to trace if it goes missing again. The combination lock is better than a key which can easily be mislaid.

14th December 2016 by Holidaymaker
Personalised baggage straps are a great buy great buy

The personalised baggage straps we bought are excellent. They are well made, very secure and it will be much easier to identify our cases on the luggage carousel

14th December 2016 by Ed
Personalised travel strap

Excellent product. Bold, clear lettering. Very pleased.

9th December 2016 by L Feast
Hands Off my bags

Very well made distinctive baggage straps. Easy to use combination lock. Vrry quickly despatched and received.

1st December 2016 by JOHN PITCHER
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