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Personalised Combination Luggage Strap

Personalised in the UK


The JetRest® Personalised Combination Luggage Straps printed with a name of your choice.

  • Personalised with your own text.
  • Durable lock design.
  • Set a unique combination code.
  • 50mm wide.
  • Standard 180cm long.
  • 4 striking colour options.
  • Optional storage pouch.
  • Trusted JetRest® brand

Make your airport experience a seamless one with our stunning Personalised Combination Luggage Straps. Printed in a super bold, super clear font, these remarkable straps are easily identifiable and can be quickly spotted at the carousel. 

The JetRest® Personalised Combination Luggage Straps come in four striking colours for you to choose from. Exclusive to our combination suitcase strap range is a stunning pink colourway, as well as a classic striped variation for super visibility.

We offer these stunning straps in a standard 180cm length, which can be expanded or contracted accordingly. We recommend measuring your luggage before buying to ensure that our standard length is suitable for your requirements. 

Personalised Combination Luggage Straps make for a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea and are perfect for frequent flyers. The robust and durable combination lock ensures peace of mind during transit, providing you with that much needed reassurance during travel.







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Availability Available to Order
Despatch Personalised 1-3 Days (Overnight Delivery Available)
Brand The JetRest
RRP £7.99
Weight 146 g
Country of Origin China


Personalised Combination Luggage Strap

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RRP: £7.99


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