Different - I always have a hot water bottle in bed even through summer as I have bad circulation to my feet, this is something a bit different to your standard bottle and I love it. (Marie R)
Grandchildren love them - I bought one each for my grandchildren at Christmas and they loved them, they arrived quickly, well packaged and I couldn't be more pleased. (Dennis R)
holiday - Does as expected on a recent holiday to florida. (Adam)
Display Photos - A fantastic way to display all my photos at minimum cost. (Jennifer Miller)
Good adapters - Getting around to the factories in the far east and our warehouse in the EU, these were a much needed addition and taken with me whenever I do go. Thanks. (Marcus)
Airport security - I hate the faff of having to take belts off at the airport but need them to keep my pants up, this was the perfect solution and I wear it every time. (Craig Watson)
For my dog - My dog is always jumping on the furniture, I use this blanket to cover a chair that he likes to sit on to keep the furniture looking nice and clean underneath. (Gordon Beckett)
bright and heavy duty - for the price these are worth the price as they looked good on my suitcase and made sure i was picking up the correct luggage. Helped knowing these would withstand the knocks of air travel. (Scott)
Funny and Practical - Keeps me warm and looks great, I love it. (Monica Keys)
Looks Great - Makes my passport stand out and looks great. (Penny Hardcastle)
So I don't lose my keys - I on more than one occaision have jumped into a swimming pool on holiday without removing my car keys from my pocket, only for my kids to find them on the bottom of the pool sometime later. They bought me one of these a few years back as a joke present but it turned out to be really useful and so I… (Trevor S)
Paris - Have to travel alot to the EU for work, bought one of these and worked as they should. (Bernard)
Keeps My Luggage Strap Safe - I use these to keep my JetRest Luggage Straps safe and clean when not in use rather than just throwing them in a drawer or at the bottom of my case. (Karen Carpenter)
Sea Sickness - I get terrible seasickness and so wear these every time I have to travel by ferry, they do the trick and make sure I can enjoy the journey. (Emma P)
Days Out - Great for days out with the kids, keeps all my essentials safe and with me at all times. (Diane Crabtree)
Premium padlock - Needed something small and worked a treat. Used to worry about losing my keys to other padlocks but not anymore with the 3 digit combination lock. (D Shaw)
Camping - Me and the family all have one of these each for making sure we can find our way to the toilet at night while camping. (John Buckley)
UK made - Wanted a quality travel pillow made in the UK and not rubbish imports. Very impressed with this company and their UK made products. Fabric was really soft fleece and felt amazing against the skin. Was good support for my neck and head on my journey and will certainly use again for any future… (Harry M)
Good Piece of Kit - I use this every holiday both at the airport and for getting the suitcases into the car at home, it really helps and I wouldn't be without it. (Rob Wright)
Cool Cans - I use this for long car journeys in the summer, they keep my cans cool for the journey and is exactly what I wanted. (Jeff Walker)
Picnic - We love a good picnic in summer and this is the perfect thing to keep our beers cold in the sun. (Todd Matthews)
Travel Pack - Needed something bright for my trip to africa few months ago. This was good as I only had one suitcase and earplugs were used on the plane. (Eric)
Sleep and Swim - I bought a few packs of these recently as they are perfect for holidays, I wear them at night and also in the pool. (Julie Coyle)
Son wont go swimming without them - My son developed a fear of swimming as he hated the water going in his ears, I bought these on a whim and now he loves to swim and won't go in the pool without them. (Calvin Thompson)